Friday, November 28, 2008

The Judaization of American Politics and Universities, the Jewish Controlled Opposition to Jewish Communism, and the Jewish Use of Black Traitors

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewess Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, a. k. a. Ayn Rand, is perhaps the World's most famous member of the Jewish controlled opposition to Jewish Communism know as "The Trust". She taught the gullible Goyim to become disunited, disloyal, and psychopathically selfish, in the name of "fighting Communism." Of course, the Jewish Communists have a much easier time wrecking a nation of self indulgent, uncooperative and disorganized Goyim, than one in which each citizen bands together with each other citizen for the common good.

But Rosenbaum was by no means the only Jew who came to America to corrupt our society and use it for Zionist/Communist causes. In fact, the influx of Eastern European Jews into America from the early 1880's onwards infused a general Judaization into American life. The Jews began to overwhelm the universities and implemented their tribal loyalties to one another in the awarding of scholarships and appointments in the universities. Harvard openly objected to the infection.

Today, the Christian universities Harvard University and University of Chicago are in fact Jewish universities which train Jews and Shabbas Goys to take over positions of power in America and to ensure that America will always and only take into account "what is good for the Jews". The Jews did not exhibit greater talent or creativity than non-Jews, rather, the Jews took over through corruption and tribalism, and to a large degree destroyed the university system and replaced scholarly thought and discourse with Jewish dogmatism, Jewish mysticism, Zionism, Communism, Freudianism, Einsteinianism, homosexuality, etc. The supposedly "Jewish" innovations in academia are frequently the product of degeneration, plagiarism from Gentiles, or both.

The crypto-Jewess Madeleine "Albright's" father Josef Korbel was another totalitarian Jew who came to America and promoted Jewish Communism and Jewish Zionism in the name of combating Communism. Korbel's students spread war on behalf of Israel in the name of spreading "Democracy", a tactic employed by the Zionist puppet Presidents Woodrow Wilson and FDR long ago.

The foreign Jew Josef Korbel taught his daughter, who became Secretary of State, to corrupt America to favor the interests of Israel, not America. He also taught her to be a genocidal and psychopathic mass murderer who endorsed the genocidal Jewish attack on the Iraqis, in particular the Jewish mass murder of Iraqi children. Josef Korbel also taught the Judaized black traitor Condoleezza Rice, who has likewise endorsed the mass murder of Iraqis for the benefit of the Jews.

NPR reports:

"Josef Korbel may be one of the most influential Americans you've never heard of. He died in 1977, but his legacy lives on in his two most famous students: his daughter, Madeleine Albright, and his star pupil at the University of Denver, Condoleezza Rice."--Guy Raz, "For Albright and Rice, Josef Korbel Is Tie that Binds",, (28 June 2006),

Colin Powell is another Judaized totalitarian, who has put Israel's interests above those of America. Colin Powell--like the Zionist Jew, and former Democrat who endorsed Republican John McCain, Joe Lieberman--left the Republican Party to endorse Barack Obama. Like Obama, Powell was close to the Jewish community and even spoke some Yiddish.

Powell served Jewry well as the Shabbas Goy who twice led Americans into an unprovoked illegal aggressive attack on Iraq. He also served the Jews very well, when he endorsed the Jews' puppet Barack Obama.

Obama's grooming in the Jewish community and the Jewish figures who catapulted Obama into the White House are described in the following article:

Pauline Dubkin Yearwood, OBAMA AND THE JEWS: A look at why some Jews love him and some don't trust him; and at the key role Chicago Jews played in getting him to where he is,, (10/24/2008)

Another Jew who came to America to corrupt America and promote Communism and Zionism in the name of combating Communism, was Leo Strauss. Strauss' philosophy is seen by some as the guiding force behind the Jewish attack on Iraq.

NPR reports:

"[. . .]Leo Strauss, a political philosopher who happened to educate -- among others -- president of the World Bank and former Bush official Paul Wolfowitz, writer Robert Kagan, academic Allan Bloom and journalist William Kristol."--Guy Raz, "A Tale of Two Korbels",, (28 June 2006),


"By some accounts, the U.S. road to Iraq can be traced back to Leo Strauss, a refugee of Nazi Germany who taught political philosophy at the University of Chicago in the 1950s and '60s."--"Talk of the Nation",, (25 October 2004),

It well be good to bear these facts in mind as the crypto-Jews in the Jewish controlled "alternative media" attempt to confuse you by claiming that the British and Brzezinski are to blame for the coming Jewish war on the human race. These crypto-Jews are cut from the same prayer shawl cloth as the crypto-Jews who attempt to scapegoat Catholics for Jewish crimes against the human race.