Sunday, November 16, 2008

More on Ron Paul's Lies and Jewish Propaganda: The Jewish Bankers' Fallacy of the False Dilemma

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul often lies. Like most Jewish controlled gold bugs, his arguments are based on falsehoods and "false dilemmas".

Beginning at 4 minutes, 57 seconds, into the following YouTube video, Ron Paul proposes the false dilemma that Americans will be forced to choose between his proposal for a private gold standard currency, or an international currency:

Dr. Paul on the Global Financial Summitt [sic]

Paul deliberately seeks to mislead his audience, whom he has provoked into a state of panic, into believing there are no other alternative replacements for our present system than a private gold standard currency, or an international currency, when in fact there are far better alternatives to those two options which he offers.

At other points in his presentation, Paul objects to Nixon's actions in 1971 to remove the international gold backing from our currency. Paul does not state what he would have preferred Nixon have done instead, and ignores the crisis which caused Nixon to take the actions which he did. If Nixon had not taken the action that he did, then the United States of America would have been forced to hand over all of our gold reserves to foreign nations. Evidently Ron Paul would have preferred it if the US had given over all of its gold to other nations and been left without currency of any kind.

Paul also fails to explain how we could have experienced the growth which we experienced since 1971 without the flexibility to increase the money supply a paper money system offers. Had we been on his gold system, our economy would have stagnated and then dived into a deep and unfathomable depression due to the lack of money for credit and growth. In addition the Jews would have had the means to bury us at any time by merely holding gold and cutting off our money supply and credit.

Paul is forced to admit that the present system, even with its choking and unnecessary yoke of debt, has worked well for us, but argues that its present crash was inevitable without addressing the real reasons why the dollar is presently crashing, which is because of Jewish banking and equities corruption, Jewish war, Jewish usury and the Jewish manufactured trade imbalance. The currency system would not be crashing if it were not for these Jewish manufactured crises. Had the currency system been properly maintained and unhitched from Jewish usury, it would be working fabulously. The paper nature of the currency is not at fault, rather the Jewish corruption is at fault, which fact Paul conceals and never addresses, thereby proving himself to be an agent of the Jews.

Paul lies and confuses the Jewish bankers system of debt based paper money with a true fiat system which would carry no debt. Why doesn't Paul call for the prosecution of the Jewish bankers?

The options Ron Paul leaves off the table are telling. We have the option to identify World Jewry as the cause of our problems. We have the option of prosecuting the Jewish bankers and Jewish corrupters and suing them in civil suit. We have the option of removing debt from the issuance of paper currency and the option of retiring currency when necessary to stabilize prices. But instead of addressing these options, Ron Paul lies and after whipping us into a panic offers us but two options, both of which favor his Jewish banker friends.

From whence cometh Ron Paul's Jewish lies and Jewish philosophies? From the Jewess Ayn Rand who was an agent of "The Trust", the controlled Jewish opposition to Communism, and from Ludwig Von Mises and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who worked for Rothschild and Warburg and instigated the idea of a European Union, the dilution and ultimate destruction of the Caucasian race, and the promotion of the Jewish race as if the natural masters of the sub-human Goyim. Those are Ron Paul's Jewish roots and he feeds off of them like the poison fruit that he is.

Another example of the same gold bug false dilemma appears in G. Edward Griffin's film The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside View of International Banking, starting at 40 minutes, 40 seconds in, where Griffin falsely claims we must choose between a bimetallic currency or a World currency. Like Paul, he confuses a debt-based paper money system with a purely fiat money system, in that Griffin misidentifies the "root of the evil" of our present currency as the notion that our money is created out of nothing, which is, in fact, the strength of the fiat system and the means by which we can grow our economy and eliminate taxes. It is telling that the gold bugs falsely claim that the greatest benefit of a fiat currency is its worst shortcoming.

The true problems with our present system are fractional reserve banking, usury, the debt basis of the currency, and the overproduction of currency to fund the unnecessary debt and the unnecessary Jewish wars, all of which problems are easily solved. Griffin poses the false premise that the same people will control the system if we transfer the powers of the Federal Reserve System to the Federal Government. Obviously, the solution to that problem is to prosecute and sue the Jewish bankers. Those who fail to offer up this obvious solution are suspect.

Griffin does not want us to identify Jewry as the problem they are. He does not want us to recognize that Jewry and Judaism are the source of "the conspiracy" and that in order to solve the problem we must identify the Jews as the problem. Griffin demonstrates that he is an apologist for World Jewry, when at 38 minutes, 15 seconds into his film, Griffin quotes Winston Churchill without mentioning the fact that Churchill was referring directly to "International Jews" as the source of "this world-wide conspiracy". Griffin avoids any mention of the fact that Churchill's words were directed at the danger Jews posed to humanity. Churchill's article from which Griffin surgically removed the word "Jew" when selectively quoting it, appears in full in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein in chapter 7, at pages 1584-1588.

The fallacies and falsehoods in Paul's and Griffin's statements are so numerous as to make it a highly laborious task to address them all. I hope that those I have here addressed will suffice to defeat the gold bugs' sophistry.

By misdirecting us to but two options which favor the Jewish bankers, the gold bugs prevent us from identifying the real problems and their source, and from proposing the proper solutions. Such is the nature of controlled opposition.