Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A New "Peoplescar": The Implications of Government Equity in the Auto Industry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



I've noticed of late that the same crowd which sold America on the SUV is now pushing for us to develop alternative energy sources and to produce scaled down automobiles. I believe we are being set up for a wartime economy, or I should say, a "World War III" economy.

The Jews are planning for America to attack the Middle East, which will result in oil shortages. They are pushing for domestic oil production as well as alternative fuels.

I expect that should the Government buy equity into the automobile industry, they will use this leverage to create a fascistic wartime production of "Peoplescars" and will scale up the production of military vehicles. They will try to justify the use of public funds by creating the illusion of savings on Government purchases, especially military purchases--the aircraft and airlines industries will be next, but as happened in WW I and Nazi Germany, corruption will be pervasive and the Jews will milk the system and sell our troops substandard equipment. They will also sell our enemies equipment we have developed, produced and paid for.

The new Bolshevik State under Obama will be a wartime economy, and the debt will skyrocket to yet incomprehensible levels. At the same time, the Jews will increase tensions with Venezuela and the Middle East and attempt to devastate their economies while still offering the few remaining American workers a means of private transport.

The American lifestyle is dying. The Jews are now laying the groundwork for the substitute [sub]standard. I note that the media is also preparing us psychologically for the new culture, criticizing us for the old culture of crazy consumption which they created, and playing on the European heritage of our nation to talk us into their new wartime lifestyle.

Ultimately, we must prepare for the wars that will hit our shores, both conventional and nonconventional. The Jews are curtailing our freedom for many reasons, not the least of which is to force us into compliance with the new wartime lifestyle of the totalitarian Bolshevik America to come.

Remember that the neo-Conservatives were born out of the "perpetual war" doctrine of Trotsky. Obama and his handlers are cut from the same prayer shawl cloth and America will continue the perpetual Jewish war on the human race. Those who resist will be sent off to the Lubyanka prisons of America, for which Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons were trial balloons. Fight it now, or live and die under it.