Saturday, November 22, 2008

A New "Peoplescar": The Implications of Government Equity in the Auto Industry: Part 2

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 11 November 2008, I wrote:

I've noticed of late that the same crowd which sold America on the SUV is now pushing for us to develop alternative energy sources and to produce scaled down automobiles. I believe we are being set up for a wartime economy, or I should say, a "World War III" economy.

The Jews are planning for America to attack the Middle East, which will result in oil shortages. They are pushing for domestic oil production as well as alternative fuels.

I expect that should the Government buy equity into the automobile industry, they will use this leverage to create a fascistic wartime production of "Peoplescars" and will scale up the production of military vehicles. They will try to justify the use of public funds by creating the illusion of savings on Government purchases, especially military purchases--the aircraft and airlines industries will be next, but as happened in WW I and Nazi Germany, corruption will be pervasive and the Jews will milk the system and sell our troops substandard equipment. They will also sell our enemies equipment we have developed, produced and paid for.

The new Bolshevik State under Obama will be a wartime economy, and the debt will skyrocket to yet incomprehensible levels. At the same time, the Jews will increase tensions with Venezuela and the Middle East and attempt to devastate their economies while still offering the few remaining American workers a means of private transport.

The American lifestyle is dying. The Jews are now laying the groundwork for the substitute [sub]standard. I note that the media is also preparing us psychologically for the new culture, criticizing us for the old culture of crazy consumption which they created, and playing on the European heritage of our nation to talk us into their new wartime lifestyle.

Ultimately, we must prepare for the wars that will hit our shores, both conventional and nonconventional. The Jews are curtailing our freedom for many reasons, not the least of which is to force us into compliance with the new wartime lifestyle of the totalitarian Bolshevik America to come.

Remember that the neo-Conservatives were born out of the "perpetual war" doctrine of Trotsky. Obama and his handlers are cut from the same prayer shawl cloth and America will continue the perpetual Jewish war on the human race. Those who resist will be sent off to the Lubyanka prisons of America, for which Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons were trial balloons. Fight it now, or live and die under it.

It didn't take long for my predictions to come true:

Obama economic plan aims for 2.5M new jobs by 2011

Others have pointed out that the Jewish bankers gave orders to steal taxpayer money and those orders were immediately filled, but the auto industry could not beg, borrow or steal comparatively small loans. This is one danger of the Jewish controlled loan capital system in America. Only the Jews can tap into it with their vampire fangs. They may temporarily spit some of the blood back in the Goys' faces, but over time, be it months, years, decades or centuries, they steal all the wealth by means of usury and theft and walk away with it all leaving the host a dry corpse.

The Jews are killing the auto industry because they want to kill America and drastically diminish our lifestyle. They also want millions of unemployed workers from the auto industry to serve as cannon fodder foot soldiers in the Jewish instigated wars to come--and in the Soviet style police State about to trample over America.

Government jobs, slave labor for the Goyim, Commissarships for the Jews, are what the Jews want and the unemployed will come to love them as they slack off at work and ruin America. The soldier and the slave are Esau's role in Jewish religious mythology.

The Jews are setting up several options for their complete takeover of the automobile industry. Of necessity, America will soon move towards protectionism. The auto industry may take the lead. However, Americans will not be eager to buy substandard cars unless given no choice. The government will give them no choice but to buy its cars, any color, as long as it's Jewish Red.

The government will pitch this sale as a protectionist measure to balance the trade deficit and increase employment. Look forward to a new generation of Hitler's Volkswagens and the Soviets' Moskvitshes following a ridiculously expensive and wasteful development program funded by the American taxpayer.

The Jewish infected Government is weakening the auto industry, as Jews always weaken their victims before buying them out, as Jacob waited until Esau was starving to steal his birthright, as Joseph starved the Egyptians to make them glad to be slaves.

The Jews have left open several options for their takeover--a bit of revenge on old man Ford. They can immediately change course and buy equity into the present system. They can wait a few months and make Obama a hero by having him ride on a pale horse into Washington and "rescue" the auto industry by buying equity into it. Or, they can replace the auto industry with a militarized communist system when Obama takes office.

The Jews do not completely control public opinion or events, and circumstances will in part dictate their path, but their goal is to dominate and militarize the auto industry and replace our cars.

The automobile industry could rescue itself by proposing its own plan to change the automobile. The new automobile should be very safe and incorporate a race car type of roll cage. It should be family friendly and modular, adaptable to different needs based on the same platform. It should be very efficient.

Again, as the SUV is phased out, it will remain on the roads for some time. The new car must be much lighter and yet be able to sustain an impact with an SUV and still afford the occupants a fair chance at survival.

The automobile industry could take pre-orders on these cars and the Government could help the program along by offering to buy older cars with a new debt free Greenback currency and give tax breaks for the purchase of these new cars through pre-order. At the same time, we could criminally prosecute the bankers who have corrupted our Government and stolen trillions of our dollars. We could jail them and fine them, which would keep them from interfering in the new monetary system. We could demand that they pay their fines in Federal Reserve Notes, which the Government would then retire as we phase out the old Jewish system.

We could demand that Israel pay back the monies it has stolen from us through corruption of our Government. These are but a few of the options available to us, which you will never hear from the Jewish puppets Barack Obama, John McCain or Ron Paul.

It will be easy to fix our system if we put authentic anti-Zionists in power. We need to produce party propaganda and distribute it and let the American People know that there is a way out of this Jewish manufactured mess. Our Jewish controlled competition offers nothing but more disaster. Let us offer the American People a future and they will join us.