Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama Is a Cat-Whipped Wimp

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I watched Obama on 60 Minutes. Obama's wife pushes him around and is openly disrespectful to him in public. Think of how the Jews are going to push Obama around.

Obama has no understanding of the vital and dire issues which face our nation, let alone insights into how to solve the problems we face. He will have to turn to others for his orders, and he will obey. He is incompetent to be President.

Even if Barack Obama were honest, which he is not, he would still have to turn to others for answers to the questions he will face. He is too ignorant, too weak and too stupid to act on his own as President.

It is becoming increasingly obvious why the media never challenged him and why the Jews set him up to win by running idiots against him both in the Senatorial and Presidential races. Obama would have been shown up for the empty and scripted poseur he is had he ever faced aggressive competition. He is an actor, not a leader. He is a puppet, even in his marriage.