Friday, November 14, 2008

Paulson's Ploy: The Danger of Nationalizing the Banks Under the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It would be a mistake for us to allow the Jews to nationalize (or internationalize) the banks. If we could break the yoke of Jacob, and institute a system which served the American People, instead of World Jewry, that would be a different matter. We could then prosecute the Jewish banker thieves and mass murderers and recover our wealth, while regulating our money supply and credit under a nationalized system in ways that benefitted the general welfare, perhaps initially in ways similar to those proposed by Gottfried Feder.

However, we currently suffer under Jewish control and the Jews will use nationalized banks to gain centralized power over credit just as they have used the Federal Reserve to gain centralized power over the money supply. Such a system gives the Jews a two pronged fork with which skewer the American, and therefore the World, economies; in that it would enable the Jews to tighten credit to the point where they will have at their disposal the means to drive America, and by extension the World, into a Holodomor Ukrainian type depression that will exceed that nightmare and starve us all to death in a perpetual depression designed to accompany their perpetual Jewish Trotskyite revolution/war on the human race.

Imagine the horrors of a centralized Jewish controlled credit system in which the Jews regulate who obtains credit, at which terms, and for what purposes. Imagine the Jews restricting the money supply while concurrently cutting off credit through a unified centralized nationalized bank and Federal Reserve system. Imagine the Mossad having direct access to our loan applications, business plans, etc. and the intelligence gathering power that this implies. It would lead to a far worse and much longer lasting depression than any of our previous depressions. It would signal our death.