Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shun the Agents Provocateur!

The Communist Manifesto, plank number 6, states,

"Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State."--Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto, Bantom Books, New York, (1992), p. 42.

The Jews already largely own and/or control the means of communication, but there are now a slew of agents provocateur who have recently been trying to provoke "patriots" to insane acts of violence. Their crazy message has been tellingly consistent from agent to agent.

These agents of Jewry shame the unemployed and call patriots "cowards". They attack the self-esteem of their intended target, emphasizing his frustrations, then propose the insane notion that he can relieve his stress by murdering people. They talk about how easy it would be for snipers to murder a few dozen persons and reassure the target psycho that this would render him a hero and give meaning to his life, and that it would be successful in transferring the target's alleged cowardice to that of the "enemy", i.e. that murdering a few of the "enemy's" leaders would cause the other "enemy leaders" to run scared.

This is obviously a centrally controlled psychological operation meant to find some psychopath and provoke him to murder, so that the Jews can then shut down our means of communication, and criminalize the Anti-Zionist Movement. It is a false flag operation targeting the reputation of anti-Zionists, and the Jews' goal is to have some idiot illegally harm some person, so that the Jews can then cry foul in the mass media they control and have the Congress they control curtail our fundamental human rights to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, etc.

Shun these provoking agents of World Jewry who are advocating violence and murder. Let everyone know that they are the enemies of the Anti-Zionist Movement and that their goal is to shut us down. Stongly condemn all voices calling out for violence and murder.

Note that these agents provocateur are professional defeatists who discourage all political action. They do not want us to use legal and responsible means to defend our rights, nor do they want us to run a legitimate anti-Zionist Presidential candidate.

Instead, as the same Mossad agents do to the Muslims, they are attempting to provoke patriots to violence so that the Anti-Zionist Movement will be discredited in the eyes of the World public and made illegal. Do not be so unwise as the few Muslims who have fallen into this trap. Instead consider the results of previous Mossad false flag terrorism, such as 9/11, and how it has cost us our rights, by design. Join me in condemning all calls for violence!

Sincere Anti-Zionists oppose violence. We are lawful citizens defending our rights through legal means against an Israeli attack on our nation. We are not so stupid as to fall into the trap which the Israelis are setting for us.

Oppose violence! Oppose the agents provocateur! Oppose the Bolshevization of the Anti-Zionist Movement! Promote peace! Promote unity! Promote lawful nonviolent political action!