Friday, November 07, 2008

There Is an Urgent Need to Declare an Anti-Zionist Presidential Candidate for 2012!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The fact that President Elect Barack Obama is an agent of Israel (a nation at war against the United States) can longer be doubted. The Zionist Jews Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod stand behind Obama the way that Trotsky stood behind Lenin and Kaganovich stood behind Stalin. Our Congress, too, has been completely subverted by our enemy, Israel. The Jewish financiers and their Shabbas Goys own Obama.

I have been writing about Rahm Emanuel and his loyalty to our enemy Israel, and his opposition to recognition of the Armenian Genocide, for years:

Bob Novak Reports that Rabid Zionist Congressman Rahm Emanuel Always Opposed Official Recognition of the Armenian Genocide: October 30, 2007

In which article I wrote about Emanuel's well documented loyalty to our enemy, Israel:

Robert Novak reports that,

"Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the House Democratic Caucus chairman, dissented from Speaker Nancy Pelosi's support of a resolution condemning the 92-year-old Armenian genocide that has proved to be the big blunder of her tenure. [***] [H]e always has opposed the long-standing effort by the Armenian-American community, dating back to his days as President Clinton's political aide."Robert Novak, "Emanuel didn't back Pelosi on Armenian genocide resolution", Chicago Sun-Times,,CST-EDT-NOVAK28.article, (28 October 2007).

Why would the highly influential Zionist Jew Rahm Emanuel have long opposed recognition of the Armenian Genocide? Leon T. Hadar wrote of Emanuel,

"The build up was choreographed by a skillful White House team led, ironically, by a presidential assistant, Rahm Emanuel, who had served in the Israeli military during the Gulf War and whose father had fought in the 1948 Middle East war as a member of the Irgun. (Emanuel, incidentally, played the role of Yasir Arafat in the preceremony rehearsal.)"Leon T. Hadar, "The Picture and the Spin", Journal of Palestine Studies, Volume 23, Number 2 (Winter, 1994), pp. 84-94, at 84.

Elisabeth Bumiller wrote,

"All are the sons of an Israeli father, now a 70-year-old Chicago pediatrician, who passed secret codes for Menachem Begin's underground."Elisabeth Bumiller, "The Brothers Emanuel", The New York Times,, (15 June 1997).

I also wrote about Emanuel here:

Is "God with Us" Against Us?: November 17, 2006

As mentioned above, Emanuel's father was also fighting for the Israeli cause. His brother is well connected in Jewish Hollywood, Hollywood being a major outlet for Jewish war propaganda:

Ari Emanuel's brother has clout too

Obama is a pathological liar. He promised "Change" and then brought in a hardcore Zionist Jew from the Clinton administration, a long time political power broker, a former investment banker, etc., Rahm Emanuel:

Obama's chief of staff has White House experience

I will leave it to Obama to explain with his lying tongue how his selection of long term radical warmongering Zionist Jews represents "Change" from Wolfowitz, Pearl, & Co. Obama has numerous conflicts of interest, beyond, though related to, his disloyalty and treason against the United States as an agent of the enemy nation of Israel. Obama surrounds himself with Zionist financiers at this time when America desperately needs to rid itself of their corrupting influence:

Obama to Meet With Buffett, Daley, Economic Advisers

Barack Obama is quite similar to the Zionist traitor and shameless liar Woodrow Wilson, who ran on an anti-war platform then brought America into war at the behest of his Jewish appointees and Jewish financiers who ran the war and profited from it, only the situation is worse, because today we possess nuclear weapons and the Jewish State already exists. The true "war to end all wars" is the battle of Armageddon and the human race will not survive it.

Obama will immediately seek to take our rights of free speech away, just as Woodrow Wilson did. We desperately need to run an anti-Zionist presidential candidate so that when Obama and the traitorous Israeli controlled Congress pass ADL legislation proscribing speech which is critical of Obama and the Congress' treason, we can claim in the courts and in the court of public opinion that they are passing un-American Bolshevik "laws" in order to ban a rival political party which opposes their treason. It will then be much clearer to the American People that our nation has been subverted by an enemy nation at war against us, and that this enemy is using its control of our government to illegally silence those who oppose it and to suppress our fundamental human rights. We need to provide audio and visual material showing the victims of Jewish Bolshevism and letting the American People see the direction in which we are headed under this enemy "leadership".

We must have this tool with which to fight in the courts! Our country has been subverted by the enemy and we must maintain and defend our rights of free speech, possession of arms, freedom of assembly and association, and freedom of political choice and expression, in order to free ourselves of the Israeli enemy and its fifth column of traitorous politicians and financiers in America.

We must make it clear that the Jews are taking away the rights of all Americans to free speech and to form and maintain a political party which opposes their treason and the subversion of our country by their alien enemy nation of Israel. If we do not have free voice and the freedom of the political process to oppose treason and subversion, then we will not long have a nation of our own. We must make it clear to the American People that our enemy is trying to silence those who will save us from the fate of Russia under the Bolshevik Jews. We must make it clear to Americans that it is fundamental to our system of government that we be allowed to form and to give voice to political parties which oppose treason and subversion by a foreign enemy nation.