Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Warning About the "Gold Is Money", Ron Paul Revolution, Give Obama a Chance Crowd

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been following the "alternative media" for a few years now. I noticed during the illegal Israeli attack on Lebanon that many talk show hosts and other notable personalities in the "alternative media" failed to seize on the opportunity to crush Zionism that the Jewish war against their Arab neighbors provided. Instead of covering this war as it should have been covered, they staged soap opera infighting, promoted hoax stories about the Pentagon on 9/11, and generally spewed out defeatist and sophistical crap ad nauseam. Callers to these shows noticed the same effect I was noticing and pleaded with the hosts to stop doing what they were doing and address the war.

I was a guest on a few of these programs and noticed that the hosts were not eager to have me expose the treachery of figures like Siniora and other traitors to the Arabs who were financiers tied to World Jewry. They also did not want me to talk about solutions to the problems in the Middle East, nor the Israeli attempts to gin up a civil war among the Palestinians, which I wrote about long before it happened, or the attempts to pit Arabs against the Iranians on the side of the Israelis on the false promise that Israelis would repay the favor by forming a Palestinian State. I also noticed that they did not want me talking about the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians. Some of these hosts later plagiarized my work in an attempt to steal my thunder, embarrass the Armenian Community, and intimidate the Armenians with the threat of FEMA camps should they continue to expose the Jewish involvement in the Armenian Genocide.

Almost all of these front groups and operatives continually push gold and silver, even those who now plagiarize my criticisms of Ron Paul. They copy my work in order to steal my thunder and mix my arguments with their dung. They continually flip flop on these issues and constantly reinvent themselves so as to create confusion and disgust in the Anti-Zionist Movement.

The most obvious agents of Jewry are those who have consistently promoted the lie that only gold is money, that Ron Paul is our savior, and that we should today give Barack Obama a chance to prove himself. Less obvious are those who plagiarize my work, while attacking me for saying the things they later copy. These chameleons reveal themselves as agents of World Jewry by the distracting fights they stage at crucial points in our struggle against World Jewry, and by their promotion of terrorism and violence, as well as their morphing behavior, as they attempt to infiltrate and discredit group after group in their search for psychopaths who will follow their advice and discredit us all by some stupid act or series of acts. One of these is a mallato, a Mischling, who misrepresents Nazi ideology so as to make it appear that he too can be a Nazi. He also promotes sophistical and historically inaccurate accounts to deny the fact that the Nazis were servants of the Zionist Jews.

Most telling is the quiet in some quarters following the election of Barack Obama, which reminds me of the silence and misinformation during the Lebanon War. Some of these operatives go so far as to ask us to give Obama a chance at a time when we should be doing everything we can to discredit Obama in the eyes of the public.

I attribute their behavior to the fact that the Jews want to make Obama a popular president so that he will win domestic and foreign support for new wars, but also to the fact that these agents of the Jewish gold merchants want Obama to run us deeply into debts which they hope will crash our currency, and which they hope to someday have repaid in gold and all the rest of our assets.

In order for the Jewish usury system to be effective, the Jews need a puppet leader who will run up the debts of the nation. In Europe, the Jewish elite intermarried into the aristocracy to subvert it and bring nations into debt through wars of their making and through extravagant spending on castles and the like, which they financed and into which projects they talked the leaders or into which they forced them.

The Jews have set up Obama to be the stereotypical spend thrift black. In this way, the Jews will increase the debts of America to the breaking point, and then be able to scapegoat blacks for their crimes, relying on stereotypes the Jews promote in their media. The Jewish controlled racists will then have Americans clamoring for attacks on blacks, just as the Jews had them clamor for Ron Paul for President of the United States. The Jews will use blacks and then pit whites against them, as the Jews walk away with all the wealth of America.

Anyone who has been spreading the old Jewish bankers' line that gold is "real money" and/or "sound money" is suspect. Those who are begging us to buy gold and silver and are spreading the lie that these metals are difficult to purchase is also highly suspect. Those who tried to sell us on Ron Paul reach the next level suspicion, one might say a level of high alert. Most obviously tools of the Jewish bankers are those who have been pushing gold as money, Ron Paul and who now back Obama. I believe Obama is their man, and they want him to run us off the cliff into an abyss of debt so endlessly deep that they can completely destroy our financial system and economy with Jewish usury enabled by a Jewish puppet President, and leave us completely at their mercy when it comes time to replace the system.

Juri Lina published a very readable and interesting article entitled "The Fight Against Usury" in The Barnes Review, Volume 10, Number 5, (September/October 2004), pp. 8-15; which elucidates the dangers of the Jewish bankers' gold standard system. Lina has elsewhere described how the Nazis grew the German economy by abandoning the gold standard, for example in his book Architects of Deception at pages 384-386.

We need to take over the audience of the Jewish owned "alternative media", which is trying to trick us into clamoring for a gold standard, and which undermines every anti-Zionist effort we make, and which pushes the Jewish agenda on us as if it were anti-Zionism. Notice how they never get anywhere. It is by design. Notice how at key moments they fail to address key issues and attempt to lead us down the wrong path and try to make us appear as ridiculous as they are. It is by design.

I would very much like to interview Juri Lina and discuss economic and financial issues with him, as well as the role organized Jewry (he tends to call them "Freemasons") played in the rise of Hitler, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin. If anyone can facilitate correspondence between the two of us, I would be most grateful.