Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why the Jews Are Peddling Palin

Many believe that the Jews told McCain to choose Sarah Palin as his running mate because she would counter his betrayals of the Republican Party and energize the far right of the party, which felt abandoned and betrayed. I believe that Palin has come from nowhere to provide the controlled opposition to Barack Obama, who came from nowhere.

Palin will be the supposedly anti-Obama voice, but the two Jewish puppets will find common voice as they vilify Russia, support Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, and promote American wars on behalf of Israel. Both will remain silent on the fact that the other is controlled by our enemy, Israel.

The Jews chose Palin to (like Hagee) energize the Christian Zionists to demand war with Iran and Russia. They chose Obama to energize blacks and Liberals to demand war with Iran and Russia. Human nature has it that human beings who witness a fight feel compelled to join one side or the other. We have to explain to Americans that Palin and Obama are on the same side in their fight against America, and that to support Palin is to support Obama's destruction of America, and to support Obama is to support Palin's destruction of America. Siding with one is siding with the other in their Jewish war on America.