Monday, December 29, 2008

Another of "Muhammad Rafeeq's" Asinine Conspiracy Theories Falls Apart

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Contrary to "Muhammad's" contentions, there is a very old belief that a Jewess named Zainab poisoned the Prophet Muhammad. Contrary to "Muhammad's" conspiracy theory that Jews should object to the publication of this theory because it will bring a backlash from Muslims, Jews, prominent Jewish historians among them, celebrate the story of Zainab and delight in the idea that she poisoned the Prophet.

While "Muhammad" would ridiculously scapegoat me for a backlash of Muslims against Jews, which would surely come from other sources such as the Jews' genocides of Muslim nations, because I mention the widely known story of Zainab which "Muhammad" would style an anti-Semitic act, The Jewish Encyclopedia gives the story credence and the weight of its authority,

"An attempt on the life of Mohammed was made at Khaibar by a Jewish woman named Zainab, who, in revenge for the death of her male relatives in battle, put poison in a dish prepared by her for the prophet. One of Mohammed's followers who par-took of the food died almost immediately afterward; but the prophet, who had eaten more sparingly, escaped. He, however, complained of the effects of the poison to the end of his life."

According to the following webpage,, which depicts cartoons which Muslims are bound to find offensive, famous Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz wrote of "courageous" Zainab, the Jewess who is said to have poisoned the Prophet,

"The war, in which Muhammad employed 14,000 warriors, lasted almost two months. (Spring 628).

"The war against Khaibar assumed the same character as that which was waged against the other Jewish tribes. It was begun by the cutting down of the palm trees and the siege of the small fortresses, which surrendered after a short resistance. Muhammad met the most vigorous resistance at the fortress Kamus, which was built on a steep rock. The Muhammadans were several times beaten back by the Jews. Abu Bekr and Omar, Muhammad's two bravest generals, lost their distinction as unconquered heroes before the walls of Kamus. (For the Jews the giant) Marhab performed wonderful feats of valor."

"When Muhammad sent his third general, Ali, against him, the Jewish hero addressed him thus: 'Khaibar knows my valor. I am Marhab the hero, well armed and tried in the field.' He then challenged Ali to single combat. But his time had come. He fell at the hands of his peer. After many attempts, the enemy succeeded in effecting an entrance into the fortress. How the captives fared is not known. Kinanah was captured and put on the rack in order to force him to discover his hidden treasures. But he bore pain and even death without uttering a word. ... Zainab, the sister of Marhab, (was captured)."

"This courageous woman bethought herself of an artifice, whereby she might avenge the murder of her co-religionists and relatives. She pretended to be friendly towards him, and prepared a repast for him. Muhammad unsuspectingly ate of a poisoned dish which she had set before him and his companions. One of them died from the effects. But Muhammad, who, not having found the dish to his taste, had scarcely tasted it, was saved alive, but suffered for a long time, and felt the effects of the poison to the hour of his death. Questioned as to the reason for her action, Zainab coolly replied, 'You have persecuted my people with untold afflictions; I therefore thought that if you were simply a warrior, I could procure rest for them through poison, but if you were really a prophet, God would warn you in time, and you would come to no harm.'"

"Muhammad thereupon ordered her to be put to death."

Would "Muhammad" have us believe that The Jewish Encyclopedia and Heinrich Graetz were engaged in an anti-Semitic plot to bring down the wrath of the Muslims on the poor innocent Jews "Muhammad" so loves?

Our friend "Muhammad" is a sophist, and a poor one at that.