Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are Freemasons and Jews Behind the Turmoil in Greece?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Greeks are doing the Jews' job for them. The Greeks are destroying their own country:

Strikes Cripple a Riot-Shaken Greece

This is what Jews in the "alternative media" want for America. They want us to "revolt" in ways in which we destroy ourselves and do their work of destroying us, for them. Expect that the Jews will ask us to strike and riot and rip our nation apart in the name of saving it, just as they did to Russia and Germany after World War One with their Jewish Bolshevik revolutions.

There is a much better way to revolt, and the Nazis provide the model, despite the fact that the Nazi revolution was soon betrayed by Adolf Hitler and the Capitalists working in conjunction with the Jews. Hitler, himself, spoke of how the almost bloodless Nazi revolution created a turning point in the "revolution" against Jewish domination. Hitler stated, inter alia:

"This absence of bloodshed and destruction was made possible solely because we had adopted a principle which not only guided our conduct in the past but which we shall also never forget in the future. This principle was that the purpose of a revolution, or of any general change in the condition of public affairs, cannot be to produce chaos but only to replace what is bad by substituting something better. In such cases, however, something better must be ready at hand. On the 30th. of January four years ago, when the venerable President of the Reich sent for me and entrusted me with the task of forming a new Cabinet, we had already come through a strenuous struggle in our efforts to obtain supreme political control over the State. All the means employed in carrying on that struggle were strictly within the law as it then stood and the protagonists in the fight were the National Socialists. Before the new State could be actually established and promulgated, the idea of it and the model for its organization had already existed within the framework of our party. All the fundamental principles on which the new Reich was to be constructed were the principles and ideas already embodied in the National Socialist Party."--Adolf Hitler, "On National Socialism and World Relations", Speech Delivered in the German Reichstag on January 30th 1937,

We need to form a new party with a complete substitute policy for government which will defeat the Jewish-Israeli fifth column in America, and we need to use legal means to gain power and save ourselves from the Jewish enemy. Germany was able to rapidly grow under the Nazis, because the Nazis did not initially tear down Germany in the name of building it up. Rather, the Nazis preserved what was and used it to create something new and better. We would be far better off following this constructive model, than allowing the Jews to do to us what they are presently doing to the Greeks. But we must ensure that the Jews do not betray this change and direct us into war, as they did to the Nazi revolution through Hitler.