Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Automobile Industry: Where Non-Jewish Government Should Play a Role

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I predicted, the Jews are buying the American automobile industry very cheaply (a few billion is a small percentage of the net worth of the Big Three) and with taxpayer money. In this way, the Jews are actually making money on the purchase, because they are using our taxpayer money to make the purchase, and further because they will earn additional monies from the debts they are creating by creating this debt based money. An analogous situation would be if employees of a credit card company were to use our high interest rate credit cards from their company to make purchases for themselves to be slowly paid by us at high rates of interest.

Expect that the Jews will degrade the automobile industry and change its focus to military production. They will produce substandard cars and trucks; and, therefore, they will use the reluctance of the American consumer to purchase their garbage as an excuse to then force the American consumer to purchase their garbage by means of protectionist measures, taxes on Americans for not purchasing government cars, and incentives to Americans to purchase their garbage. Just as the Jews are using their control over our Government to purchase the automobile industry for tenths of pennies on the dollar, they will use their control over our Government to determine what we purchase as consumers. There will be no level playing field, no free market--not there is a free market today, but the situation will grow dramatically worse very quickly.

The Jews set up the American auto industry to fail. We already knew from the 1970's that gas guzzling junk cars sold through obnoxious dealerships would not appeal to the American consumer. Yet, the Jewish controlled talking heads pushed SUV culture on us. The Jewish controlled Government failed to regulate the industry, thus making it impossible for new responsible automobile manufactures to start up; and, concurrently, forcing the responsible American consumer to have to protect himself from the irresponsible and selfish American consumer. The failure to restrict the weight, height, and fuel consumption of passenger vehicles to reasonable limits created a dilemma for the consumer, in that he faced a threat to his life on the roadways and highways of America from heavy, tall vehicles which obstruct the vision of the driver of small cars and which are dangerous in collisions to small cars. The failure to regulate created a market for irresponsible and dangerous products which are ruining our economy and harming our lifestyle.

In addition to this, Americans find automobile purchasing to be a painful and often bitter experience. We could remedy the situation by changing our laws so that when a dealership steals from a consumer, the police treat the theft as a criminal matter, and not a civil matter. We could force the dealerships to disclose their real profits on the sale of their cars and trucks, instead of allowing the dealerships to play their con game of shuffling the consumer back and forth between the good cop salesman and the bad cop manager/owner. We could force dealerships to post actual complaints from their real costumers on the windows of their businesses, both sales and repairs, and immunize the consumer from suit by the dealerships when complaints are made in good faith.

If the Government chooses to build a new type of automobile, it should enter into a competitive open bidding process with real proposals on the table. In this way, new, more efficient domestic industrial companies could open up, with newly negotiated labor contracts. We need new manufacturing capital to accompany the new loan capital we are creating. We need to fund the development and production of new manufacturing capital just as we fund the production itself with loan capital. Both should be funded with well regulated new debt free currency issued directly by the American Government.

Instead of forcing the American consumer to purchase these cars, we should prevent the Jewish Capitalists from subverting our efforts and working at cross purposes to the best interests of the American People. We should bar them from advertising heavy and inefficient cars and trucks. We should bar them from promoting an SUV culture in Hollywood movies, and from all the other methods by which they mold public opinion to work against the best interests of the public. The Government can play a constructive role by runing public service announcements pointing out the dangers to our safety and our economy of SUV culture.

The Jews are pulling us in the wrong directions with both Jewish Capitalism and with Jewish Bolshevism. Our Government should function for our best interests, not theirs.