Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Conditioned to Not Care

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have long been contemplating what it is that renders the American People impotent in the struggle against the Jewish war on the human race. Americans are too cowardly to speak the truth, let alone organize to crush the little cockroach which hides from the light.

There are no massive protests in the streets against the Jews who are literally killing us. Why is it that we elect the Jews and their puppets knowing how corrupt and hostile to our interests they are? Why is it that we allow the Jews to dominate our mass media, and our educational and professional institutions, as well as our public discourse?

Why do we let the Jews impoverish our fellow citizens, ruin our schools and poison our children? Why do we not care that our children are saddled with unpayable debts resulting from Jewish theft and Jewish wars? Why don't we stop the Jews from ruining our national reputation? Why don't we imprison the Jews who are deliberately destroying our nation?

I believe that Americans no longer care about our nation, and not only do not care about our fellow citizens, but do not even view them as fellow Americans who will fight and die for one another.

The Jews have deliberately imported millions of illegal foreigners and I argue that this invasion has desensitized us to the plight of our fellow Americans and left us devoid of a national consciousness which would impel us to help our fellow Americans out of poverty. The illegals degrade our culture. They tend to be ruder, more criminal and more poorly educated than Americans. Their presence tends to rob us of our sense that we are a distinct People who have a responsibility to each other and to our nation. Instead, we exploit the illegals and grow accustomed to view the poor as alien and unimportant, unlike us, and destined to be exploited.

The Jews also made us grow accustomed to gross disparity of income, as if it were an expression of a healthy and "free" society. The Rothschilds promoted robber baron culture in America and we have yet to escape it. In fact the gap between rich and poor is ever increasing. The Jews call us "Communists" if we object to their exploitation of our own People. At the same time, the Jewish Communists propagandize the poor to destroy their own nation in the name of freeing themselves from the rich, in order for the Jews to gain absolute control, and with it create an absolutely polarized society of the obscenely wealthy and the grotesquely poor, and in order to mass murder the best of the Gentiles and take their positions and possessions. The Jews have conditioned us to despise the poor and view them as aliens deserving of their fate, instead of fellow Americans to whom we owe a responsibility to protect and assist, just as in a war we defend and help each other.

The Jews also promoted a slum culture in American cities, especially when they promoted the migration of black agricultural workers from the south to serve as cheap labor in the factories, slaughterhouses, etc. in the North, and then the migration of illegals from Mexico and points south to undercut even the lowered wages of the blacks and destroy what was America. The Jews propagandize us with the myth that there is nothing we can do to improve our inner cities, and we grow accustomed to gigantic open sewers in the heart of our cities, which we now view as foreign territory about which we care not.

The Jews created the slave trade and mass murdered millions of Africans. The Jews then exploited the situation they had created to rip America in half and line us up against one another in the duel between brothers known as the "Civil War". Next, the Jews exploited the South they had led into secession and then burned.

I think these are a few of the reasons why Americans are not yet rising up against the Jews who are killing us. If we took pride in our nation, real pride which would not allow us to permit slums in our cities and foreign invasions, we would fight back against the murderous Jew. If we cared about one another enough to fight for one another, we would not allow the Jew to steal from our elderly and our children. If we had the self respect a national pride promotes, we would not let the Jew rob us of our wealth to pay for their wars in which they murder us, and to pay them for directly stealing trillions from our national purse.

No, we would not let the Jew steal from us and murder us. We would instead lower our collective boot on the collective roach and crush it, then grind it, then scrape it off. After which, we would lift up our heads in pride and lift up our brothers and sisters from poverty and clean off the filth the Jews have poured over our great homeland.

The Jews are very nervous that I am calling for the creation of a new political party to fight back against them. They are especially nervous that I am calling for the rise of a new Presidential candidate to spark the imagination of the American Public and awaken them to the menace as well as to the wonderful potential of our great nation.

The Jewish puppet J. Edgar Hoover made war on the blacks when they sought such a movement and such a leader. The FBI's Cointel-Pro program specifically tried to prevent the formation and cohesion of a black nationalist movement, and to intimidate, discredit and even murder black leaders. The FBI did this to our fellow black citizens for a reason, that reason being identical to the fact that if we can start a cohesive movement and run an authentic Anti-Zionist Presidential candidate we can expose the Jew to daylight and crush the roach, then proceed to build our great nation and strengthen our great People.