Sunday, December 28, 2008

Daryl Bradford Smith and "Muhammad Rafeeq" Versus the Facts

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith interviewed "Muhammad Rafeeq" birth name unkown to me, on 28 December 2008 in an apparent attempt to rebut what I have recently written about them. I will first address what "Muhammad Rafeeq" did not say. He did not say that he has NO Jewish blood. He did not say what his birth name was. He did not say what his grandparents' names were. He focused on religion, not Jewishness as a bloodline. "Muhammad" did not confirm nor deny that he was a deep student of the Cabalah. Where does his advanced knowledge of Cabalah come from? Why did "Muhammad" not provide this basic information which one would expect?

I will now address what Daryl Bradford Smith did not say. He did not deny that he told me that "Muhammad" is of Jewish descent and was deeply involved in Cabalah.

Out of thousands of pages of published material and hours of interviews, the only issues these two men could raise to criticize my work, was the fact that some do indeed state that a Jew poisoned the Prophet Muhammad, which is all I have ever said on the subject, and somehow these persons pretend that this is an indictment of what I have said. It is amazing, even funny.

They are stating I am correct, that they don't like me, and therefore I am wrong even though I am right, and they are in agreement with my statements. The other issue they raise is their claim that I have said that the Jews caused the split between Muslims which produced the Shia. I ask them to quote me, for I do not recollect having made such a claim. I will however refer my readers to Nesta Webster's book Secret Societies and Subversive Movements for information about events in Muslim history.

"Muhammad" accuses me of being on the side of the Jews, by asking why he is raising a defense for Madoff, then accuses me of having anti-Semitic feelings because he has a agreed with me that some believe the Prophet Muhammad was poisoned by a Jew, and he accuses me without quoting me, of claiming that the Jews created the Shia. "Muhammad", birth name not revealed, accuses me of trying to cause a backlash by the Muslims against the Jews.

Indeed, I would love to see a backlash by Muslims and all other normal human beings against the monstrous Jews, but not for the reasons "Muhammad" alleged.

One would think that the Jewish destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the Jewish theft of Palestine, the Jewish wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, the genocide of the Palestinians, etc. would be enough to provoke a Muslim backlash against the Jews. "Muhammad" does me honor by claiming that it shall be I who finally generates this backlash by raising the historical fact that some claim that the a Jew poisoned the Prophet Muhammad. In "Muhammad's" mind, I have more power through my words to provoke a Muslim backlash against Jews, than do the Jews themselves through their genocides of Muslims. Evidently, "Muhammad" views himself as a guardian of the Jews.

Daryl Bradford Smith alleges that I added a books page to my website after he added one to his. In point of fact, I had a books page on my website years before he added one to his website, but never let facts bother the smearmonger. This is the same Daryl Bradford Smith who promoted the nonsense that Christopher Bollyn was kidnaped or murdered, and that it was suspicious that I lived near Chicago--a typical example of Smith's "reasoning". Smith falsely claimed that I stated that he is the "lapdog" of "Muhammad" and that I claimed that "Muhammad" is a "Zionist". I made no such claims, rather I referred to Smith as "Muhammad's" "sidekick" and "pupil".

"Muhammad" states that the idea that Daryl Bradford Smith could possibly be anyone's poodle is absurd on its face, yet Smith himself claims that Eric Hufschmid led him for years. Michael Collins Piper also faults Hufschmid for Smith's attacks. Smith tries to find a similarity between me and Hufschmid, but it is Smith who worked with Hufschmid for years to attack people, not me.

Now on to what "Muhammad" did say. He said his father was a "nominal Christian" who wore a golden cross round his neck as a "good luck figurine". I have never heard of such a thing before. It sounds like something a Jew would do.

"Muhammad" said that his mother, like he, was prone to conversion. "Muhammad" stated that he does not normally talk about his life before his conversion to Islam outside of his family--first time I have heard him acknowledge that he is a convert. Why is that "Muhammad", why do you not talk about your life before conversion? Do you have any relatives in the banking business? Have you studied Cabalah, "Muhammad"?

"Muhammad" faults Christian Zionists, something I have always done, but unlike "Muhammad", I point out the fact that Jews created Christian Zionism and promote it.

"Muhammad" claims that the Neturei Karta believe that the Torah is composed solely of the Pentateuch and that the Neturei Karta hold the Pentateuch to be an authority over the Talmud. What are his bases for making these extraordinary claims? He does not say.

"Muhammad" also claimed that Neturei Karta rely upon the Pentateuch to claim that the Jews must wait for the Messiah before taking over Palestine. The fact is Neturei Karta rely upon the Talmud, Tractate Ketuboth, verse 111 for this belief. See: "Muhammad", who presumes to state that I have made mistakes in fact, is just plain wrong. Hersh Lowenthal at Jews Against Zionism wrote on the "True Torah Jews Against Zionism" website:

"All of Jewish law today is based on the Talmud, and is kept by all observant Jews."

Now, I have seen at various times, "True Torah Jews" state that the Talmud is a part of the Torah, in that it is a record of the Oral Law given to Moses and the Pentateuch is the Written Law given to Moses. Regardless of this semantical issue, the fact remains that Jews, "True Torah Jews" included, view the Talmud as superior to the Pentateuch, which is "water", while the Mishna is "wine" and the Gemara is "spiced wine". Soferim 13b states, "The Bible is like water, the Mishna like wine, and the Gemara like spiced wine." Baba Mezia 33a states that, "to study the Bible is but a waste of time." So in this one brief conversation "Muhammad" has had with Daryl Bradford Smith, he has made several obvious mistakes, but he must go back years to fabricate a basis to attack my credibility for merely stating facts with which he agrees!

That is enough for now. I will go back later and dig up the record on where I responded to "Muhammad's" attacks on my work--he first criticized my work despite what he now says, and where I asked him questions he did not answer, at least not in a timely fashion. I will see if he has since answered if I can locate the page.

It should be clear to all the great love "Muhammad" has for the Jews. I did not hear him bring himself to state that the Jews control the mass media without provocation from Smith, though he identified the media as if the enemy of humanity.

Unlike "Muhammad", I will say without any hesitation that the Jews are the enemy of humanity, as is clear from the Pentateuch where they are called the Chosen People of God above all others and told to rule over and mass murder the rest of humanity.

So, "Muhammad" will you state unequivocally that you have no Jewish blood, and will you provide us with your birth name and your grandparents' birth names? I ask because you wish to make it clear that you were raised a Christian and converted to Islam, but these are religious, not racial, matters. Are you unaware that there are Christian Jews? Have you studied Cabalah, and if so, why? Please, help me to clear up this matter. I have no intention of misrepresenting your bloodline, and have only relied on what I was told by your friend and what I read in an article bearing your name. If you state unequivocally that you have no Jewish blood and never studied the Cabalah, I believe you acknowledge that you are a convert from Christianity to Islam and are a banker, I will gladly quote you in this blog. I am only interested in the facts. You would, of course, be honored to be considered a Jew, would you not?