Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Death Threats Come Thundering In

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews fear my call to my fellow Americans to immediate political action to put an end to Jewish power in America. The Jews are threatening my life and stating that the Mossad are going after me.

But it is the Jews who are frightened, not me.

I have noticed that the Jewish controlled "alternative media" are upping the infighting, promoting fear and pitching the Jews' gold. They are not organizing Americans to fight back against the Jews, because the "alternative media" represents the Jews. When they thought they could trick the Goyim into falling for the Jewish Gold Standard scam, the infighting stopped, the Hollywood Jews stepped in, and all the "alternative media" stood behind the Jews' "alternative Presidential candidate" Ron "the gold hawker" Paul.

Now that I have unmasked their charade, the Jewish "alternative media" is playing its role as defeatist, disorganizer, gold promoter and revolution promoter. They want you to be afraid of contributing funds to the coming political movement against Jewish power, so they tell you that you will be "added to the list" if you become politically active and help to fight the Jew. They are scarring you into enslaving yourself.

They are raping your mind like a demented baby sitter who tells a small child that the floor is covered with snakes so that the child will stay in bed. The Jews want you to be afraid of shadows and vampires in the night. But when it comes to destroying yourself, they have lots of good advice, those Jews who love you so much and are oh so good to you.

The Jews and their Freemason army are at this very moment executing an "1848 Redux". They are agitating self destructive Bolshevik revolutions across Europe and America--around the World. When it comes to killing yourself for the benefit of the Jew through Jewish nihilistic revolution, the Jew advises you to be brave and selfless. When it comes to fighting back against the Jew, the Jew advises you to cower, hide and hoard gold.

If you are a coward, fear not acting, fear being a stupid deer caught in the headlights of an Israeli bomber squadron carrying a payload of nuclear bombs to drop on American cities. Be afraid of not fighting back, afraid of lying down while a hag faced old wobbly Jew who is half your size kicks you and laughs at your cowardice. Be a man and fight back for yourself and your family by organizing against the murderous Jew.

If you want to invest in a real golden opportunity, then invest your time and money in political action against the poisonous Jew who is ruining your country and stealing millions of dollars straight out of your pocket in lost wealth that is your birthright, the deadly Jew who is stealing your freedom and mocking your fear.

Imagine a World where we have finally put an end to the Jewish war on the human race, a World where we can devote our lives to our families, friends and nation, rather than struggling to keep our rights while fighting the Jew's wars and slaving to pay the Jew's bills and keep the Jew fat and comfortable. Imagine a beautiful America where every American can walk every American street in pride and safety. Imagine a World where the citizens of all other nations envy and admire Americans. These are the dreams of our forefathers, who were not afraid to fight to make their dreams a reality and were certainly not slovenly cowards who let rats run over them, nibble their ears while they slept and raid their cupboards in the dark.

It is the Jews who are afraid, not me. Join me and fight back against them.

We have great wealth in America. With a media and money supply under our control we can quickly build a better America than has ever existed before us. We can pay families to bear us beautiful children. We can turn our cities, which were once littered with slums, into gardens and parks with elegant homes and quiet safe neighborhoods. We have the skills and resources to turn America into a paradise for all of our citizens. It is the Jews who have kept us from doing it. Today they want to turn us into the Soviet Union, then the graveyard. All we need do to defeat them is fight them in legal productive ways. The Jewish controlled "alternative media" is devoted to preventing us from doing what we must to save ourselves. The audience is what we need, not the lying twisted hosts and writers who poison us with their Jewish fear mongering and defeatism.

Please help me to tap into this audience and to a much broader audience. I would like to start a talk show, but I am not interested in interviewing Jewish flakes. I would like to interview serious professional people who are experts in their fields and who can discuss the problems we face and name viable solutions. I want to break away from the deliberately failed crowd of neurotic asses who comprise the present "alternative media", and instead offer an effective and cogent message on how to defeat the enemy.

I would appreciate it if you could help to arrange these interviews. I do not want to talk about the "illuminati", or UFO's, or how great the Jews are. I want to save America from the Jews who are dead set on killing it and us.