Friday, December 19, 2008

Eugen Dühring's Solutions to the Jewish Question

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The chief goal of our new political party will be to solve the Jewish problem, which threatens not only the vitality of our nation, but the continued existence of human life. I have been exploring past attempts at a resolution to the Jewish problem. Eugen Karl Dühring's book Die Judenfrage als Frage des Rasencharakters und seiner Schaedlichkeiten fuer Voelkerexistenz, Sitte und Cultur. Mit einer denkerisch freiheitlichen und praktisch abschliessenden Antwort is an historically important work which attempted to redress the Jewish attack on Germany. The German fifth edition of 1901 is available as a pdf facsimile for free:

A substantial portion of this fifth edition has been translated to English by Alexander Jacob as Eugen Dühring on the Jews, Nineteen Eighty Four Press, Brighton, England, (1997). I have seen online versions of it for free but could not track one down today. The ISBN is: 0-906879-31-0.

The German fourth edition of 1892 is also available online for free:

Dühring reads as if he had written his book to answer the Jewish problem we face in America today. The Jews had taken over the German press, theater, opera, government, universities, etc. Dühring spoke out against Marx and Engels and the Jewish Communists' takeover of the Universities in Germany in his book Kritische Geschichte der Nationaloekonomie und des Socialismus, Fues's Verlag, (1879); which is available online for free: