Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Goyim See, Goyim Do: How Holocaust Propaganda Will Backfire on World Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are many ways in which the Jewish propaganda of the Holocaust will backfire on the Jewish People. For example, the Jews demand exclusivity and privilege in almost everything they do, and the Holocaust is no exception. It was an event different from any other, according to the Jews.

They insist on being a People that lives as apart, unlike any other. The Jews credit their racist God for their mythology that they are, of their supposedly divine nature, privileged above all others.

The Jews are making a bad, potentially fatal, mistake in emptying their slop bucket of Holocaust propaganda on the Goyim day after day, from the cradle to the grave.

Goyim see, Goyim Do. The nations will accept the Jews' version of the Holocaust and the lesson that the nations will take from it, is that the Jews are different from them and are criminals who must be numbered, imprisoned, punished and then executed.

The Holocaust propaganda of the Jew teaches the nations that Jews are to be tagged and contained, like vicious stray dogs. Pursuant to the model the Jews are teaching the nations, the proper response to the Jewish war on the human race is separation and exclusion, one way tickets to the exclusive clubs of the concentration camp and ghetto for every Jew.

Goyim see, Goyim do. The more the Jews whine about their alleged persecution through history, so that they can smear persons who fight back against them, and so that they can win sympathy for themselves as they genocide the human race, the more the Jews expose the fact that they are abnormal and dangerous to the nations of the Earth. The nations are coming to view the Jews as a danger and the Jews are teaching them that the appropriate human response to the inhuman attack is to wipe out the Jews.

There are more civilized ways of ending the Jewish war on humanity, but the Jews are evidently determined to obstruct them. It is impossible to have sympathy for them, for they are determined to end human life, and that is an unforgivable sin, one which calls for an absolute defense. My sympathies are with the innocent billions whom the few million attacking Jews are killing. The scales of justice weigh heavily against the aggressive Jews.

The Jews are recommending their own punishment. The nations are watching and learning.

When rats complain about rat poison, they expose themselves, and plant seeds in the minds of the infested.