Friday, December 26, 2008

"Muhammad Rafeeq" Is a Jewish Banker

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Note that since the publication of this article, "Muhammad Rafeeq" has stated that he is a convert from Christianity to Islam and that he was raised as a Christian, and I have no reason to doubt his claim. I have addressed "Muhammad's" response here:

Daryl Bradford Smith and "Muhammad Rafeeq" Versus the Facts: December 28, 2008

"Muhammad's" response of 28 December 2008 can be found here:


Finally a public acknowledgment has come out that "Muhammad Rafeeq" is a Jewish banker:

"(Note: PAUL IS A JEWISH CONVERT TO ISLAM PARTLY BECAUSE OF THIS KIND OF THING) [***] I have acted as a professional consultant to major EC and US financial institutions on corporate and institutional credit risk and the idea that anyone in HSBC or Santander could authorise large investment without the internal checks and controls being employed is almost impossible."--Paul (aka - Muhammad Rafeeq), "The Madoff Double Bluff", (19 December 2008),

Is "Muhammad" a student of Cabalah, one who studied Cabalah before enduring a "belly full of Talmud", as is common among the Shabbataians who often "convert to Islam", but uncommon among other Jews, such as the Satmar, who must first study Talmud and have reached a certain age before studying Cabalah? Why hasn't "Muhammad" disclosed the fact that he is a Jew when railing against the Shabbataians, but has instead presented himself as a Muslim with a Muslim name? How can a Jew who rails against Zionist Jewish bankers survive and thrive in a world of Zionist Jewish bankers?

Are you of Sephardic, or Ashkenazic descent, "Muhammad"? Why is it so important to you to distinguish between the two? Are you unaware of the fact that the Jews behind the Armenian Genocide, the genocidal African slave trade, and the enthronement of Oliver Cromwell and formation of the Bank of England were primarily Sephardic Jews?

Mike Rivero of is also of Jewish descent, Sephardic Jewish descent:

Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.Com Is Decended from Marrano Jews of Spain: October 13, 2007

Sephardics are the descendants of the Berber converts to Judaism of North Africa, many of whom migrated to Spain. They have little, if any, Judean blood, much like the Ashkenazim, who are largely of European, Khazarian and Arab descent. "Muhammad" holds up the Sephardim (who gave us the Cabalah and several genocides which have claimed tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of lives--think American Indians and African slave ships) and the Satmar Ashkenazi Ultra-Orthodox Jews (who likely descend from the Frankists), as if angels on the Earth, while railing against the Chabad Lubavitch Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who are their close cousins and who worked alongside the Satmar against Zionism until after the Jewish State was created.

"Muhammad's" sidekick is Daryl Bradford Smith, and he, "Muhammad" showed up when I began to expose the Frankists and Shabbataians, and reappeared when I exposed the Doenmeh genocide of the Armenian Christians. Both he, "Muhammad", and Smith have in the past had a relationship with Eric Hufschmid, who disapproved of my methods of criticizing Jews and Zionism. Mike Delaney ( memory serves me correctly--appeared on our radar screens when he was interviewed by Mike Rivero and spoke to Daryl Bradford Smith. He, Delaney, is tight with Eric Hufschmid. . . . Food for thought in the coming new year.