Monday, December 29, 2008

"Muhammad Rafeeq's" Conspiracy Theory Does Not Hold Water

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Muhammad Rafeeq" has stated that he is a Christian convert to Islam. I am unclear as to whether or not he has ever practiced any form of Judaism at any point in his life, or whether or not he has any Jewish blood. Perhaps he will enlighten me as to the answers to these questions.

"Muhammad Rafeeq" has posited the theory that he was referred to as a Jewish convert to Islam, because he published an apologia for Bernard Madoff and somehow his arguments about Madoff would be discredited if he were of the Jewish faith before converting to Islam. I fail to follow his reasoning, but regardless of that, the fundamental premise of "Muhammad's" theory is demonstrably false due to the fact that these questions were raised a long time before he published his article on Madoff.

Perhaps "Muhammad" has a theory as to how came to refer to him as a Jewish convert to Islam and referred to him as "Paul". And where is the shame in that, "Muhammad"? There is a difference between inaccurate and shameful.

Long before the article appeared on Jeff Rense's website, or was even written, I directly asked "Muhammad" if he is a Jewish convert to Islam over one year ago:

Eric Hufschmid referred to "Muhammad Rafeeq" as a Jewish convert to Islam more than one year ago:

On 30 October 2007, Eric Hufschmid wrote,

"Rafeeq is willing to defend Smith but, from what I remember, Rafeeq is a Jew who converted to the Muslim religion and changed his name to Muhammad."--Eric Hufschmid, (30 October 2007),

Long before that, Daryl Bradford Smith told me that "Muhammad" was a Jewish convert to Islam. So "Muhammad's" theory that all of this is some recent phenomenon meant to discredit his widely publicized apologia for Bernard Madoff is patently absurd and contradicted by facts known to "Muhammad" for a very long time. So why is he positing this strange theory? Why does he evidently take offense that some believed he was a Jewish convert to Islam, when he so loves the Jews, when he so loves the Torah, and when he so loves the Talmud? Why doesn't "Muhammad" simply smile and say, no, I'm not of the Jewish race, have no Jewish blood in my Gentile veins, but I would be proud if I had? Why does he instead get all upset and protest loudly that he was raised a Christian? Why does he come up with a conspiracy theory that contradicts facts known to him?

Alas, these are probably just more relevant questions "Muhammad" will not answer. . . but let us wait and see, maybe he will.

And speaking of questions, how many of the (founding?) members of David Pidcock's Islamic Party of Britain were converts to Islam? Were you a member, "Muhammad"? Were any of them ever Freemasons or Jews (religious and/or racial)? Were you ever a Freemason, and/or a racial or religious Jew? Just asking. I don't know the answers. And, uh, "Muhammad", how come you know so much about Cabalah, Lurian Cabalah, no less? Frankly, I am growing bored with this, so please just some simple straightforward answers sans the conspiracy theories and personal attacks. And don't try to psychoanalyze the situation. It is kind of a Jewy thing to do and a bit pretentious.