Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the Damage Control Attempts at for the Jewish Banker "Muhammad Rafeeq"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Note that since the publication of this article, "Muhammad Rafeeq" has stated that he is a convert from Christianity to Islam and that he was raised as a Christian, and I have no reason to doubt his claim. I have addressed "Muhammad's" response here:

Daryl Bradford Smith and "Muhammad Rafeeq" Versus the Facts: December 28, 2008

"Muhammad's" response of 28 December 2008 can be found here:


False information is being presented on the following website at

where "musique" claimed that,

"Way back in 06, when he was still chummy chummy w/DBS - he made some strange & weird comments about prophet Muhammad's death on Daryl's show ( according to Bjerknes, Muhammad was poisoned by the jews and I've never heard such thing in my my life! I've learned & also read in many books that Muhammad died of natural causes.) & Shiite sects were created by the jews - another screwed up story! Both stories made me very skeptical of him.

luckily after that, DBS dropped him."

First of all, Daryl Bradford Smith never "dropped" me. I refused to have anything to do with him despite the fact that he continued to try to contact me. I was always aware of who and what he is, but I'll save that story for another time.

I do not recall ever stating that "Shiite sects were created by the jews", though this is perhaps a reference to the "Hojjatieh" or "Hojjatiya", which I wrote about here:

The Zionist Vampires Have Cost Us Our Honor: September 21, 2006

Rather than making such obscure references to articles I wrote long ago, I wonder why this author did not simply ask "Muhammad Rafeeq" if he is a Jew, instead of casting aspersions on my work? I do not wish to change subjects and my sources on the origin of the Hojjatieh have asked me not to reveal their names so I ask those interested to consider the Frankist nature of the sect and the ethnic origins of those who started it.

It is very well known that many believe that the Prophet Muhammad, as opposed to the Jewish banker "Muhammad", was poisoned by a Jew. See, for example:

Muhammad and Poison

Again, I ask, why not simply ask the Jewish banker "Muhammad Rafeeq" if he is a Jewish banker, rather than attacking me?

Or, instead, you could ask his friend and pupil, Daryl Bradford Smith, who has always known that "Muhammad" is a Jewish banker, from a good Jewish banking family, and that "Muhammad" was deep into Cabalah, or so Mr. Smith said. Note that Smith knew this even as he asked all Jews to step aside from the "Truth Movement", while he, Smith, was working with the Jew "Muhammad". Or, you could ask "Muhammad's" friend David Pidcock, who wrote,

"The unsung western heroes include James Gibb-Stuart author of the Money Bomb and Hidden Menace; Kenneth C. Palmerton Vice Chairman of CCMJ – the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and an English convert Rupert Mohammed Rafiq an English banker, and other members of the Forum For Stable Currencies, which meets in the House of Lords every month."--David Pidcock, "Malaysia and the IMF", (Spring 2000),

But I suggest you ask the Jew himself why he has not made it widely known that he is a Jew and banker from the beginning of his appearances on Daryl Bradford Smith's show, and why Smith did not make it known to his audience that he was working with a Jewish banker, and why Smith called for all Jews to step aside, while working with a Jew. Rather than "shooting the messenger" and attacking me, why not find out the facts?

And while you are at it, ask "Muhammad" why he is offering a defense for Madoff?