Saturday, December 20, 2008

The "POWER PARTY" Political Platform

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have mass murdered hundreds of millions of innocent human beings. The Jews, as a People, have openly declared war on humanity and are today agitating for a nuclear war which will eradicate human life. They are an open threat to every person on the Earth. We must respond to this threat or risk the imminent end of human existence at the hands of the hostile Jewish People.

I am in the process of creating a political platform for the American political party I have named the "POWER PARTY". The portion of this platform which treats of the Jewish question is as follows:

1). The POWER PARTY will a seek a Congressional declaration of war against the enemy nation of Israel, which racist and apartheid "Jewish State" has been continuously waging war against the United States of America, and the rest of humanity since its inception in 1948.

2). The POWER PARTY will seek to pass laws which will exclude all Jews from politics, the press, education, all religions and the professions. Jews will have to register as Jews with the Federal Government and will be barred by Federal law from interfering in any respect in the fields named.

3). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will forbid marriages and the creation of children between Jews with other Jews, or Jews with Whites. Jews may marry Blacks and Asians, but no other ethnicity. All children born to Jews must be tested to ensure that at least one of the parents is Black or Asian, or the child must be surrendered to the State as if an orphan.

4). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will protect America from treasonous Zionists past, present and future. The laws regarding ex post facto doctrines must be amended to take into account the fact that the Jews have corrupted the normal healthy function of the Government of the United States of America to protect its citizenry, and therefore Jews and other Zionists cannot claim any right of a defense based upon ex post facto principles.

5). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which establish a new class of enemy to be known as "enemies of the human race". Any Jew who continues to practice Judaism, or who demonstrates any loyalty to Israel, or who has participated in the banking industry will be deemed an "enemy of the human race" and will be a target of opportunity for the United States Military. All statements, written, oral, or otherwise, of a Judaist nature must be accompanied at the beginning and at every 500th word interval thereafter with the warning:

"WARNING!!! This Jewish hate literature calls for the extermination of the human race and has already inspired the racist Jews to genocide hundreds of millions of non-Jews, to destroy countless cultures, to poison the Earth, and to instigate wars and destructive revolutions around the globe. The racist and genocidal beliefs iterated in Jewish hate literature are dangerous to human life and are mental poison that generates genocidal mental disease. The Jews, themselves, whose supremacist culture and racist clannishness are products of this hate literature, are carriers of this contagion which threatens the continued existence of the human race."

All Jews must be under continuous surveillance and submit to government interrogation every quarter for the duration of the war against Israel plus 20 years. The Jews will be taxed to pay for this burden on American society.

6). The POWER PARTY will seek a 100% inheritance tax on all Jews and impose a wealth tax on Jews which will prohibit the transfer of wealth from one generation of Jews to the next and which will prevent any Jew from owning wealth in excess of the national average.

7). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will make it a crime for any Jew to communicate with any other Jew outside of the Jew's nuclear family, or with any person outside of the United States of America. Jews will be barred by law from accessing the internet, using telephones, or any other like means of communication.

8). The POWER PARTY will mandate that all citizens above the age of 16 attend classes which will instruct them as to the history, nature and danger of the ancient Jewish war on the human race. Jews and their apologists will be barred by law from contradicting any aspect of this educational material. Any such attempt to refute State dogma on the Jewish question will be deemed "Hate Speech and an Attack on the Human Race" and will be proscribed by law.

9). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will require "Shabbataians" and "Frankists" to declare themselves to the Government and reveal any and all information related to the sect, including literature, legends, plans, practices, members of the sect, etc.

We must either face the Jewish Peril directly and unapologetically, or stand helplessly by as the Jews murder the human race.