Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scapegoating Chabad Lubavitch for the Crimes of Zionism, the Jewish Bankers and the Jewish People

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have observed a prolonged campaign in the Jewish controlled "alternative media" to promote the mythology that the deceased Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson is the messiah of the Jews and that the Chabad Lubavitch is the source of all the problems the World faces from Jewry, and that these Jews are not real Jews.

While it is true that some members of Chabad Lubavitch believed that the late Rebbe Schneerson was the messiah, and fewer still yet believe that Schneerson was the messiah, their beliefs conflict with the Lubavitchers' own dogma on the subject. I have yet to see any evidence that among those who believed that Schneerson was the messiah these persons also believed that Schneerson carried the soul of Shabbatai Zevi.

According to Lubavitcher dogma, there were to be seven Rebbes and after the seventh died, the messiah was then to appear. The Lubavitchers never held that the seventh Rebbe, which was Schneerson, would be the messiah. In fact, Schneerson, himself, stated that he was NOT the messiah.

As per Lubavitcher beliefs, Schneerson played the role of Elijah who heralded the arrival of the messiah, NOT Moshiach ben Joseph nor Moshiach ben David. Therefore, the myth that Schneerson is the inheritor of the soul of Shabbatai Zevi, and that Schneerson will be the anti-Christ / Dajjal to sit on the throne in the coming "third" Temple of Solomon, is demonstrably false and completely unsupported by any verifiable evidence. It appears to me to be a misdirection to lead people away from looking for the anti-Christ among the Jewish bankers. The mythology that Schneerson is to be the messiah of the Jews also has us wasting our time searching after a dead man, when the messiah of the Jews, the anti-Christ, must be a living man and therefore cannot be Schneerson.

The Rothschilds, not the Lubavitchers, declared themselves the Kings of the Jews. The Rothschilds began the modern political Zionist movement, financed it, and fulfilled it. The Lubavitchers opposed Zionism until after the Jewish State was formed, and many still do oppose Zionism. I believe the campaign to lay all the problems the Jews have caused the World and are causing the World on the Chabad Lubavitch, is simply an attempt to pardon the guilty Jewish People, and direct attention away from the Jewish bankers.