Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Tyranny of the Reckless Ass Over the Responsible Citizen and of the Old Over the Young: A "Statement of Duties" to Balance the "Bill of Rights"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Our Constitution was amended to incorporate a "Bill of Rights", but failed to include a "Statement of Duties". A nation with a strong respect for individual rights which disregards the responsibilities of citizens to themselves and others leads to the tyranny of the reckless ass over the responsible citizen.

Americans recognize the rights of children to an education, but we ignore the duty that parents bear to ensure that education is productive and successful in producing honorable productive citizens who are a benefit to their fellow citizens, rather than a burden. While we have created a right for the State to educate children and insist that children be educated, we have not recognized the parent's right to control the form, nature and content of that education. As a result, our education system stinks and the citizen we produce through our education system tends to be lazy, ignorant, easily controlled and irresponsible.

The majority of the citizens we are producing do not defend the nation, do not contribute to building a strong nation, and become a burden on the more responsible citizen who recognizes his duties and who was raised by responsible parents. The responsible citizen then suffers under the tyranny of the reckless ass whose rights are recognized and enforced even when the reckless ass has failed to fulfil his duties to himself and to his country.

In this instance, our political party, which I shall temporarily dub the "Power Party" (the power is ours, we need only assert it), the Power Party will introduce a "Statement of Duties" to be amended to the Constitution to protect the responsible citizen from the reckless ass. In the case of education, our principles will require the State to enforce both rights and duties of individuals. Children will enjoy the right of education at the level of their intelligence and talents. We should devote more money to educating our best and less to those who do not benefit from education. The State has the duty to provide this education, but it shall be the right of the parent to educate their own child. It shall also be the right of the parents as a community to dictate to the State the form, nature and content of the education which their children receive. It shall be the duty of the parent to ensure that his child performs to his ability in the schools, and should the parent neglect to honor this duty, the parent shall surrender the right of education of the child to the State and to the Community, which shall then bear the duty to educate the child to Community standards and to the commensurate level of the child's abilities.

"Those who fail to perform their duties thereby surrender their rights." will be the First Amendment to the "Statement of Duties" which we will amend to the United States Consititution.

It shall be the right of every American citizen to receive reasonable health care. The word "reasonable" is key. It is not reasonable to spend tens of millions of dollars to treat an eighty year old man who will likely die of his disease, when the same money and manpower among our limited resources could be spent treating young children.

It will be the duty of the State and the Community (Community will also be a new entity and term introduced into the amended Constitution, which Community will enjoy rights and bear duties) to provide medical care to every citizen. However, it will be the duty of every citizen to take reasonable measures to protect his health and well being. Stepping on the top of a step ladder to staple Christmas lights on the soffit of your house is not a responsible or reasonable action, and if you fall and break your neck, I should not have to pay for your medical treatment and a doctor should not be obliged to take himself away from patients who can recover from their illness, while you are going to remain a blob and a burden for the remainder of your existence. Those who smoke, drink excessively, are obese, or are reckless in their actions in avoidance of their duties to society thereby surrender their rights to medical treatment for the conditions a reasonable man should expect to result from such knowing and willful behavior. The citizen shall have the right to responsible treatment and the doctor the duty to provide it, and the doctor who fails to provide it shall be criminally and civilly responsible and NO medical society shall be allowed to exist which seeks to deny the rights of the patient, or which encourages doctors to defend other doctors against the rights of patients and in avoidance of the duties of doctors.

In this way, doctors will have the right to refuse or limit treatments to those who have not fulfilled their responsibility to maintain their health and to those less likely to benefit from treatment than those younger, healthier, and/or more likely to benefit from treatment; where such tradeoffs are a necessity and such choices must be made.

The Jews have made a racket out of corrupting our society through the recognition of rights and denial of duties. The Jews sell us tobacco and alcohol under the false belief that it is a right to poison ones self, and in this way enslave the responsible citizen through the costs that the reckless ass imposes on society. The Jews organize the medical profession to work against the interests of the patients and society at large, while obstructing the rights of the young and poor. Our Power Party shall be devoted to recognizing the rights of the young over the wealth and power of the old, whose wealth and power will increase the duties of the old and lessen their rights. We must recognize our duty as a People to strengthen each generation and the rights of our children to inherit a better world and to enjoy the fruit of our society which is today being hoarded by the old super rich and their families.