Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Was Chernobyl an Accident, or Yet Another Jewish Attack on the Ukraine?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jews have led several genocidal attacks on the Ukrainian People. I wrote about Lazar Kaganovich's genocide of the Ukrainians in the "Holodomor" in the following blog:

Why Would Israel Hesitate to Recognize the Ukrainian Genocide? November 07, 2007

Soon after the Jews' genocide of the Ukrainian resistence to Jewish Communism, the Nazis invaded the Ukraine. The Ukrainians welcomed the Nazis as liberators. The Jewish puppet Adolf Hitler turned the Ukrainian ally in the fight against Bolshevik Jews into an enemy and himself attacked the Ukrainian People, which was one major factor in the defeat of Germany in World War II. The following documentary, which ignores Hitler's attacks on Roehm, Strasser and others who were concerned about German workers more than war, and which ignores Hitler's promotion of Hjalmar Schacht and the warmongering Capitalists over Gottfried Feder and the Loan Capital Socialists, and which further misrepresents the relation of the Jews to Germany and the First World War, and which yet further ignores Niels Bohr and other Jews' role in collaboration with traitorous Germans in the failure of Germany to beat America to the nuclear bomb, nevertheless addresses many of Hitler's betrayals of the Nazi Revolution and of the German People:

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I wish to open the question (not answer it) if the Jews had any role in deliberately causing the disaster at Chernobyl. The Jews have been poisoning the Ukrainians for centuries with alcohol. The Jews have enslaved the Ukrainians for centuries. They have always sought to destroy the genetics of the Ukrainians and murder the best of these Goyim.

In relation to Hitler, consider the following facts: Hitler ensured Germany's defeat. Hitler preserved England, which was the seat of the Jewish bankers. Hitler destroyed the Ukraine which the Jews hated, at the expense of the German Homeland. Hitler destroyed Poland which the Jews hated, at the expense of the German Homeland. Hitler destroyed Russia which the Jews hated, at the expense of the German Homeland. Hitler declared war on America which he knew to be led by Jews and which he knew had cost Germany the First World War.

I suspect that the Jews want us to argue about whether or not Hitler and Stalin were agents of the Jewish bankers, or turned against the Jews. I know that they were working for the Jews and that their attacks on Jews were only done to inspire Zionism among Jews, but I warn my readers that this a secondary issue and that we should focus on who the enemy is, rather than on who have been its actual enemies and allies.

The Jews are the enemy of the human race. Do not let the Jews distract you and buy themselves time with infighting over the question of Hitler and Stalin's ultimate loyalties. Instead focus on the Jewish problem.

In relation to this, I also sense that the Jews are attempting to confuse the issue of Jewish power with Christian Identity nonsense and are attempting to provoke us into arguing about the definition of a "Jew". Both of these maneuvers to distract and disperse us are replacements for the Jews' failed attempts to get us arguing about whether the Jews or the Catholics are at the top of the pyramid of power, and whether or not to call Jews "Jews" or to call Jews "Zionists". It is a bit like the definition of obscenity. You know pornography when you see it, and I see Jews behind these attempts to cause arguments over semantics and past allies in the fight against the Jews.

Infiltrating companies and movements and causing infighting among members over wording and how to proceed is an old trick to undermine organizations and competitors. Consider the following statement from an article which addresses CIA tactics:

"Burke noted than Intellipedia includes instructions from a 1944 CIA field manual for sabotaging companies. The manual suggests that agents encourage companies to use channels to make decisions, and when possible refer matters to committees for further study and consideration. Companies will face further strife when spies within encourage haggling over the precise wording of communications."--Heather Havenstein, "Top Secret: CIA explains its Wikipedia-like national security project", http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&taxonomyId=13&articleId=9095638