Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Face a Far Worse Attack From World Jewry Than Mere Zionism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jews of the World pose a far worse danger to the human race than mere Zionism. In fact, if all the Jews in the World were to move to their garbage nation which they stole from the Palestinians, just as the ancient Jews stole it from the Canaanites, it would make it easier for us to isolate the Jews and end their war against us. But as in the ancient world, the Jews of today pose the greatest danger by their racist belief that they are entitled to live among the nations as a means to exploit and destroy them.

The Jews are not a threat to the human race merely because they are genociding the helpless Palestinians. Rather the Jews are a threat to the human race because they live in all nations and in all nations hate their neighbors, spy on their neighbors and dedicate their Jewish lives to murdering their non-Jewish neighbors, be it through an immediate death or a death by attrition through economic thievery, corruption of government and church, and the poisoning of the environment, agitation for war and revolution, and the destruction of indigenous cultures and ethnicities.

To pretend that Zionism is our greatest fear and that the majority of Jews are opposed to it is to cut our own throats in sympathy for the enemy. The majority, the vast majority, almost all Jews support Israel, and no Jew wants all Jews to live in Israel. Even the most radical Zionist insisted that Jews must occupy every corner of the Earth and rule it. That is the fulfilment of genocidal Jewish prophecy.

The Jewish People, not Zionism, is the worst threat we face. The Jewish hatred and desire to dominate and then exterminate the human race is the real problem we all face. To end this problem we must end Judaism and Jewish racist segregationism. To fight this problem we must combat traitorous Jews around the globe and exclude the Jews from the formation of public policy, prohibit them from entering and involving themselves in any way in public discourse. We must bar Jews from government, the press, banking, education and etc.

Study Eugen Karl Duehring's works, he understood the Jewish problem. We face a far worse threat than mere Zionism. We face World Jewry and World Jewry wants to bring us into slavery and instigate World War Three. World Jewry is not interested in concentrating all Jews in Palestine. World Jewry is out to relegate humanity to the graveyard. Wish away this fact at your peril, the Jewish Peril.

The Jewish bankers theft of trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer was not an act of Zionism, it was an act of Jewry. The deliberate collapse of the World economy was not an act of Zionism, it is an act of Jewry. World War Three will come from the Jews, not Zionism. Jews, not Zionism, desire to enslave and murder the human race. Know your enemy and face it.