Thursday, December 25, 2008

What We Can Accomplish with the Power of the State in Our Hands

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are a number of crypto-Jews who are attempting to glorify Adolf Hitler and promote nihilistic revolution and dictatorship. Jim Condit, Jr. and I discussed the Zionistic origins and objectives of Nazism when I interviewed Jim Condit, Jr. and discussed with him his lecture:

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Jim Condit, Jr.'s excellent lecture on the subject can be viewed on Google Video for free:

"The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler"

My book is also available for free:

"The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein"

Many of the books to which we refer in the interview can be found here:

I again recommend the documentary detailing some of the ways in which Hitler deliberately undermined the German war effort he started:

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The Jews do not want these facts widely known, because it shatters the brick bat of their Holocaust propaganda. The Jews, in particular the Jewish bankers, do not want to have to pay reparations to the nations and Peoples their Nazis destroyed, including Germany. In addition, it is a horrific shame on the Jewish People that the Jews themselves committed the Holocaust--in whatever way the Jews want to define that term. Beyond that, revealing the truth about Hitler undermines the Jews' Esther tactics and provokes the Goyim to thought, thereby exposing such Jewish agents as Barack Obama, John McCain and Ron Paul.

Not everything the Nazis did was bad, nor counterproductive. The Jews needed to build the Nazi war machine, so the Nazis created and managed their own system of currency and international trade. We can learn from those economic and monetary measures ways to recover from Jewish usury. The Nazis also utilized the State to increase employment and better German infrastructure and manufacturing. But we do not want a Jewish dictatorship, especially a warmongering Jewish dictatorship like that of Adolf Hitler.

One need only examine the past history of Jewish revolutions and coup d'etat's to learn why the Jewish desire to sell the Goyim on the utopian myth of Plato's Republic is a trap.

Consider how the Jews claimed to have enslaved the Egyptians in Genesis 47. That is exactly what they tried to do to us with the cult of personality they built around their mediocre dud candidate Ron Paul. In this holiday season in which the Jews celebrate Hanukkah, consider how the Maccabeen Jews revolted against and mass murdered the Greeks and Hellenized Jews (See, for example, I Maccabees 5:28, 51). Also consider how the Jewess Judith seduced the Assyrian general Holofernes, then decapitated him, as Hitler decapitated a seduced Germany. Still in ancient times, the Jews murdered Caligula and replaced him with their puppet dictator Claudius.

Much later on, and skipping over many relevant instances in the intervening centuries, the Jew King Ferdinand of Spain,[1] the descendant of the Berbers who pretended to be Judeans and who are known as "Sephardic Jews", worked with the Jews to invade America and make it a homeland for the Jews, whom Isabella expelled, just like Adolf Hitler when he effectively founded the Jewish State of Israel and worked with the Jews to expel the Jews and send the Jews to invade Palestine. Alas, the Jews who went to Palestine did not wish to stay, so the British and American Jews decided to have their Nazi puppets turn up the heat on Continental European Jews, so that at war's end they would go to Palestine and stay. This is also why the Jews' puppet Joseph Stalin, who created a Jewish nation in Russia, turned up the heat on the Jews to make them more sympathetic to Zionism. Other examples of disastrous Jewish "revolutions" (sometimes revolutions in spirit, if not always in operation) producing monstrous dictators include Oliver Cromwell, Talaat Pasha, Trotsky and Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, Francisco Franco (as in Frankist), FDR, Mao, Pol Pot, George W. Bush, etc.

Do not allow the crypto-Jews to fool you into believing that Adolf Hitler was good for Germany. Adolf Hitler was good for the Jews, as dictatorships most often are. That is why the Jewish CIA has installed so many dictatorships on behalf of the Jewish Capitalists, and the Jewish Communists. Hitler's legacy is the mass murder of the best of the Gentiles, the spread of Jewish Communism, the destruction of some of the most beautiful cities Western Civilization has yet produced, and the formation of the nation of Israel. Hitler mass murdered the Slavs who were the natural ally of the German against the Jew. Hitler was very good for the Jews. It was his mission.

On the other side of that coin, there are indeed many instances in history where authoritarian governments have successfully brought the hammer down on the destructive Jews. When this has happened at the same time that Jews were assimilating one has to suspect that Jewish leaders were behind the expulsions and sought to keep the Jews segregated from the Goyim, but even in those instances, there are lessons for us on how to deal with the Jews.

Historically the means to destroy the Jewish People have been to defile the Temple and force the Jews to worship the Emperor, as was customary in the ancient World, and note that the Jews themselves worship their messiah and themselves as if God's presence on Earth--they are a primitive ancient People. Successful counterattacks against the aggressive Jew also usually ban and burn Jewish literature and prohibit the genocidal Jewish religion.

But the counterproductive measures most of the counterrevolutions took was to segregate the Jews into ghettoes and ban intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles. It would have been more effective to prevent Jews from associating with other Jews, and to have insisted that all Jews marry non-Jews of a third ethnicity, or combination of alien ethnicities.

Yahoo revolutions and dictatorships favor the Jews. Sober and mature governments are able to fight back against the Jews.

I do not wish to be a slave to any dictator. I fight against the Jew because I fight against slavery. It is true that not all dictatorships seek to kill off the human race, and that Judaism is just such a declaration of genocidal war on humanity, and therefore not all dictatorships are anywhere near so dangerous as Jewish rule, but nevertheless I much prefer to live as a free man than as the slave of a dictator.

We can maintain a democratic society and live free if we exclude the Jew from public life and discourse. We must severally punish agents of the Jews and educate our children about the methods of the Jews and the danger of the Jews. If we do these things to keep the Jews from undermining our civilization, we can enjoy the blessings of liberty and equality under the law, enemy Jews excluded by their choice. But we should not make the mistake of sponsoring a Jewish State or of encouraging Jewish segregation. It is better to breed out the Jew, or take whatever like measure the Jews force upon us other than the segregation of the Jew. The Jewish bankers are the most dangerous of all Jews, and their crimes must become capital offenses and they must not be protected by ex post facto provisions, because they have corrupted the governments and prevented the governments from enacting needed laws proscribing their behavior. The Jewish bankers must become military targets when we seize control of the State.

The power of the State is what we need to protect us from the murderous Jews. Yahoos will only further empower the Jews. We need candidates and we need funds. Candidates and funds will lead to sophisticated media, and then the power of the State which will enable us to fight back effectively against the hostile Jews who are fighting against us.

Rather than dung brained yahoos cheering Hitler, and thereby excusing the Jewish bankers for their betrayal of their own People and the mass murder of the best of the Gentiles, we need sophisticated legal arguments, law suits and statutes which protect us from the Jewish attack. We need to lay out the case before the American People that we Americans have lost our human rights of free speech, freedom of assembly, free press, self determination, democracy, freedom to create our own money, etc.; to an enemy Jewish nation within our nation that serves as a fifth column of Israel. The Jews have destroyed all these rights and we cannot regain them if we continue to allow the Jews to participate in our democratic nation. They will not abide by democratic principles and therefore have condemned themselves to be excluded. Since we cannot tolerate their segregation, we must dissolve them with new legal measure that differ substantially from the Zionist crafted Nuremberg Laws and which actually weaken Jewish power and the Jewish People, rather than strengthen them through eugenics and segregation.

1). B. J. Hendrick, "The Jews in America: I How They Came to This Country", The World's Work, Volume 44, Number 2, (December, 1922), pp. 144-161, at 149.