Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Governments Defended the Goyim, the Myth of Jewish "Persecution" and the Importance of the Truth

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We must change perceptions and public opinion regarding Jewish history. The Jews have misrepresented the history of their People and would have us believe that the governments of the past have persecuted the Jews, when in fact the governments of the World have instead sought to protect the citizens of the World from the aggressive and hostile Jews.

It is important that we establish this fact, because we can use the past actions which various governments all through Jewish history have taken to resist the Jewish attack against them, as legal precedents for the actions we must take to defend ourselves from the murderous Jews. We will then be able to demonstrate that our "Power Party" represents the legal measures needed to suppress the Jewish revolt against the human race, and the American People will support and join us. We should use history to our advantage, rather than pretend to be ashamed of what our ancestors did to defend themselves from the genocidal Jews.