Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Would the Jew and Crypto-Jew Crew in the "Alternative Media" Attempt a Defense for Bernard Madoff?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



There are several reasons why the Jews would like to stop the bleeding the Bernard Madoff scandal has caused their community. I will address just a few of these reasons why crypto-Jews would want the anti-Zionist movement on Madoff's side.

The Bernard Madoff scandal is a terrible embarassment to the Jewish community. It proves that many negative views that the World has held towards the Jews for thousands of years are not "anti-Semitic canards", but rather are demonstrable facts. Indeed, prominent Jews whined in the media they dominate that they are the victims of false stereotypes because the Madoff scandal proves these stereotypes to be true. Hence the Jew and crypto-Jew crew in the "alternative media" went into overdrive to muddy the waters and confuse the issue just as legitimate anti-Zionists were making the most of the scandal to drive home the fact that many of their criticisms of the Jews have been confirmed yet again.

The Jews fear disunity in the Jewish community more than any external threat. When I led a campaign to expose the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, the ADL only began to retreat on its position when it sensed that the Jewish community itself was divided on the issue. The Jews hate to see Jews fighting Jews, especially in the public arena. So in step the Jew and crypto-Jew crew in the "alternative media" to tell us that Madoff is a Jewish hero falling on his sword to do what is good for the Jews.

Jewish and crypto-Jewish bankers would be especially keen to see the Madoff investigation lead nowhere, because they are tied to the rope that the investigators are tugging at. The Maffia does not like to see its kingpins go on trial for fear that the investigation will lead to other kingpins and the general condemnation of their criminal enterprise. So it is with the Jewish banking maffia. Were other Jews helping Madoff? Were there unrelated crimes that might be uncovered by an investigation, especially an investigation fueled by public condemnation of the Jewish bankers spearheaded by the authentic Anti-Zionist Movement?

Just as when they tried to undermine the Anti-Zionist Movement's support for Ernst Zuendel, Germar Rudolf and David Irving, the Jew and crypto-Jew crew are trying to undermine the Anti-Zionist Movement's call for the investigation of the Jewish bankers. I am leading a call to criminally and civilly prosecute the Jewish bankers for all of their crimes against humanity for the past 2,500 years, and the Jewish People for sponsoring these crimes, and benefitting from them.

The heat on the Jewish bankers is high and the Jew and crypto-Jew crew want to cool off the flames of passion the Madoff investigation has generated. Why are they not calling for the investigation of the whole Jewish cabal and their capital punishment? Why are they not demanding the banking industry be audited top to bottom and all the criminals put in jail? Why are they not demanding that the fortunes of the Jewish bankers, and the Jewish People, be confiscated? I'll tell you why, it is because they are the Jew and crypto-Jew crew and they always do what they believe is good for the Jews.

It is better for the Jews to put this Madoff Frankenstein monster to bed before the Goyim come after the Jewish bankers with pitch forks and torches in hand, shining a bright light on the rats in every corner of the Jewish banking industry. It would be especially harmful to the Jewish bankers to have Jews demanding an investigation of them, because it is far more difficult to accuse prominent Jews of "anti-Semitism". If prominent Jews were to demand an investigation of the entire banking industry, many heads would likely roll. Instead of excusing Madoff, we should be calling for a broader investigation and for the repeal of unjust laws which tax the taxpayer to pay for banker fraud.