Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Word of Warning to the Human Race, and a Bit of Sage Advice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At this very moment, the Jews are slaughtering hundreds of millions, if not billions, of human beings. The Jewish bankers who have deliberately created the current world-wide economic meltdown are far and away the worst genocidal mass murderers in history, and will eclipse the genocidal escapades of their Jewish ancestors by hundreds of millions, if not billions, of innocent lives extinguished. These innocent and harmless men, women and children don't yet realize it, but they are dead in a few years' time if we do not stop the bloodthirsty Jew from killing them.

The scales of justice weigh heavily in favor of a coordinated world-wide action against World Jewry. Here in the US, simply muzzling the five million miscreant Jews infecting our nation with their hatred and theivery, and silencing their cackling cries from any hearing in the media or government, would go a long way towards saving the lives of hundreds of millions of innocent souls, who today casually go about their business unaware that the poisonous Jews have summoned Death to their doorstep in the horrifying form of famine, disease, war and revolution.

Shackling the Jew and preventing him from entering the public discourse for the next twenty years or so would buy the normal human beings of the World enough time to undo the damage the Jews have done to the international economy and to international relations. Purging all Jews (a small percentage of the World's population) from politics, banking, religion, press, media and all forms of public discourse, would save billions of human lives now destined to perish into the abyss of Jewish greed and the insatiable Jewish hunger for human blood. Just telling the Jews, forcing the Jews to shut up for the next twenty years while normal human beings fix things, would right the ship of humanity from the suicidally wrong course the Jews have planned for us all.

I have studied Jewish history. The worst mistake human beings have ever made is to allow the Jew to participate in banking, politics, religion and the public discourse. This otherwise insignificant minority, the International Jew, will have taken more lives than it has ever produced, and threatens to exterminate the entire human race. Merely shutting them up, simply asking them to be quiet for 20 years, would help prevent the mass murder they are carrying out at this very moment, the murder of billions.

But, alas, we must do more than this. The Jews will insist upon that.