Sunday, January 04, 2009

Are the CIA and Mossad Leading the Arabs and Iranians into a Jewish Propaganda Trap?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I believe that elements of the CIA and Mossad participated in the Iranian Holocaust forum in an attempt to provide Jewry with a means to wage a propaganda war against the Iranian People, and to bolster their myth that Ahmadinejad has threatened to genocide the Israeli Jews. The Jews were actually delighted by the last Holocaust conference because it enabled them to misrepresent all Muslims as if Jew haters who want to exterminate every Jew.

I believe that elements of the CIA and Mossad are attempting to create a propaganda trap for Arabs, similar to that with which they snared the Iranians. These intelligence operatives are spreading the myth that the Arabs were Nazis during WW II. This is a Jewish propaganda myth, as the following video demonstrates:

The Association between Naziism and Arab Antisemitism

If the Arabs embrace this myth, the Jews will then use this mythology in a propaganda war against Arabs and falsely claim that Islam is an extension of Nazi racial mythology and that the Arabs, and more generally that all Muslims, are determined to exterminate the Jewish People. The Jews will then use this mythology as a pretext to exterminate the Arabs, beginning in Palestine.

I urge the Arabs to reject the myth that the Arabs were Nazis during WW II, which the Jewish controlled intelligence agents are spreading in your community. You have obvious legitimate complaints against Organized Jewry and Israeli Jews, and you can make your case far better with a presentation of the facts, than by donning the swastika the Jews are attempting to pin on your chest. These intelligence agents are pretending to be your friends and allies and are attempting to stir up your emotions so that you abandon your reason, but they are snakes leading you into a poisoned pit, a Mossad set trap.