Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Entropy of the Modern World Under the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The civilized World is beginning to disintegrate. The Jews are responsible for this disorder. The Goyim are responsible for not bringing it to a halt.

The non-Jews are the slaves of the Jews. The Jews have specialized in the formation and maintenance of organizations and governments. The non-Jews have become dependent on the Jews to perform these functions which are vital to society. The Jews have crowded out and killed off most of the non-Jews who used to perform these functions, and control and direct the remainder.

The World in general suffers from the condition which so obviously cripples Africa. As the Jews have forced out the colonial leadership of Africa, the Africans, so long slaves, struggle to create even a semblance of civilization. Colonialism generated entropy in Africa which has now robbed the entire continent of its natural vitality and original promise.

In America, the Jews have specialized in the fields of government and information, deliberately squeezing out non-Jews. The Jews have also run almost all dissent groups, which is why the non-Jews struggle so hard to protest against the Jewish theft of 8 trillion dollars from the taxpayers. There are simply no Jewish organizations who will take on the issue and the Goyim are slaves who cannot take care of themselves. As such, the Jews have an easy time spreading entropy in the American system, and the non-Jews find it nearly impossible to organize to save themselves, because they wait in vain for the experts and specialists on such things, the Jews, to lead them against the Jews. Instead, the Jews step in with their honed skills to lead the Goyim into further ruin by misleading them into self-destructive acts, or enouraging them to fight amongst themselves or focus on non-issues and fiddle away time as the Jews create more and more chaos.

Civilizations can be viewed in this way as obeying the laws of thermodynamics, and the Jews have an easy time directing the energy of the Goyim and sapping their strength, as well as preventing them from fighting back against the Jews.

The Jews want to increase the chaos of the World with a series of revolutions and wars. Once the governments are overturned, the citizens will turn to the Jews and their agents for guidance on how to recover, having lost their heritage as human beings on how to defend themselves. The Jews will increase the ignorance of the Goyim, poison their genes and kill off what remains of any potential for counter-Jewish dominance. The World will dissolve into Jewish orchestrated mayhem, which will spread from hot chaotic regions to cool civilized regions and eventually destroy the human race. The Goyim will flounder about waiting for the Jews to save them, unable to save themselves. The Jews will instead spread stumbling stones about and escalate the chaos.

The Jews want to kill off the Goyim and let planet Earth rest for one or two thousand years, after which time they plan to emerge as the sole human occupants of the World. Their calender is approaching the year 6,000, and that is their target date for killing all of us off.

There is a solution. We need some Americans with money to step up and fund a counter-attack against the Jews. We need Americans with the skills and talents necessary to wage war on the Jew, to unite and drive out the Jews who will attempt to scuttle their efforts, and work together as a combined force to counter-attack the Jews.

The age of suicidal tolerance of a deadly enemy must end and we must unite against them and pool our talents. We have not more than a few seconds left before the time bomb of Jewish entropy will spill a toxic cloud over the entire planet and extinguish the human race.

If the Jews win, we will each die painful, ugly deaths. We will watch our children burn and bleed. We will watch our cities and towns rot and disappear under bombs and flames.

We cannot turn to the enemy to save us. We must acquire the skills and resources we need to save ourselves. Education is key, but also, we must acknowledge our failing as a society to take responsibility upon ourselves to never allow any group to specialize in the fundamental skills of survival or turn our fate over to our enemy, as we slip deeper into the slavery of ignorance and disorganization before an organized and determined enemy.