Sunday, January 04, 2009

Have a Holocaust Conference in America, Instead of Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There would be several advantages to holding a major Holocaust conference in America, as opposed to Iran. An American conference would be easily accessible to the World media and the Jews would have a far more difficult time controlling which reporters attended the conference.

An American conference would be easily accessible to Americans in general, and it would helpful to have images of a broad spectrum of American faces of all types from white European, to black African, in attendance both on the panel and in the audience. American academics could easily attend. Those who oppose Holocaust revisionism, if any could be persuaded to participate, could be directly confronted not only by revisionists on a panel, but by an audience of educated Americans knowledgeable of the facts.

The conference sponsors should purchase or lease a building, so that the venue cannot be easily shut down. After the conference, the property can be resold to recover a large portion of the expenses. All of this would also promote the development of an internal media in America of those who are knowledgeable of the facts and offer the counter-media an opportunity to promote itself and expose mainstream media lies.

An American conference would also focus attention on the importance of free speech in America, and unhitch Holocaust revisionism from Islam, and keep it the purely academic exercise it is and ought to remain.