Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Jewish Problem, Part 4: The Legal Measures Which Must Be Taken

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rather than a weakened State, we need a strong central Government under our control in order to effectively deal with the ages old Jewish Problem. This is one of several reasons why we must guard against the misadvice of the crypto-Jews and Jews who are attempting to provoke us into a nihilistic Jewish revolution. They are throwing stumbling stones on our path as we attempt to recover from the Jewish attack and take the offensive.

The Jewish People are such a heinous and destructive people, that there is an abundance of legal precedent establishing a lawful basis for barring the Jews from entering public life, which is what we must do. Several nations have enacted laws to defend themselves from the Jews. Several nations have expelled the Jews.

Instead of permitting the Jews to classify these legal protections as if "unjust persecutions", we must come to view these historical measures as viable options for us which we can use to fight back against the Jews who are murdering us. We must prohibit the Jews from participating in government, media, education, banking, business, land ownership, citizenship, voting, military service, public discourse, religion, etc. We must force the Jews to wear identifying garb which reveals to all that they are Jews. We must tax the Jews to prevent them from acquiring wealth by any means, and we must bar them from passing wealth from one generation to the next. We must isolate the Jews from one another and prevent them from breeding with other Jews, or from communicating with other Jews. We must not allow the Jews to have a nation of their own.

Among the seemingly endless alternatives history has recommended to us, none of which we have yet had the self respect to employ, the Nuremberg Laws on Citizenship and Race provide a recent example of what can be lawfully done to protect ourselves from the Jews by denying them citizenship and excluding them from government:

The Nuremberg Laws on Citizenship and Race of 15 September 1935

The Nuremberg Laws are by no means a perfect or complete solution. In fact, they are modeled after the racist Jewish Mosaic Law and the racism of Ezra/Nehemiah, as the crypto-Jew Julius Streicher once revealed, and as the Nuremberg Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor proves on its face:

Nuremberg Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor of 15 September 1935

Zionist Jews crafted and endorsed this defective legislation. However, just as the Nazis used guns in the war and built highways, despite the fact that they were ultimately controlled by Jews, does not mean that we must not use guns nor build highways. On the contrary, many of the actions which the Nazis took to control the Jews will prove useful to us, if we avoid the stumbling stones the Jews mixed in with the cement they poured over the tomb of European Jewry. There are today far fewer Jews in Europe than there were in 1935, though technology, in the absence of safeguards like the Nuremberg Laws, has enabled the Jew to maintain control.

Instead of segregating the Jews, we must breed them out into African and/or Asian peoples, or otherwise get rid of them. Segregation favors Jewish power and builds their resolve to murder the human race. One does not deliberately segregate rats, nor subject them to evolutionary pressures which strengthen their bloodline allowing the strongest and cleverest to survive, while weeding out the weakest, which was the effect of Nazi policies in their entirety.

The Nuremberg Laws came a few decades after the "Antisemites' Petition" of 1880-1881 and the "Hamburg Resolutions of the German Social Reform Party" of 1899, which also sought to weaken the power of the Jews. Far earlier, we find that the governments of the World found it necessary to tag the Jews, so that the Jews could not hide their identity and in that way subvert the Nations.

Imagine if we forced Jews to wear yellow badges, or yellow caps as a caution to normal human beings, as other governments have done in the past. It would become immediately apparent to all of our citizens that Jews dominate the media, the government, the professions, business, banking, education, etc. The face of the enemy would become immediately apparent, and the enemy's presence and power over us, undeniable. Our citizens would quickly learn the nature of these pests and how they lie and protect their interests against the best interests of the nation. This one small step would literally change the complexion of the fight to defend ourselves from the Jewish aggressor.

Imagine the many members of Congress purring like belled cats as they pass law after law favoring the Jews. Imagine the Jews in our courts forced to reveal themselves to the public and how the public would come to immediately resent their presence, their arrogance and their dangerous power. This is a step we must take. We must force the Jews to identify themselves as they lie to us and attempt to manipulate us.

As we do this, we must make it illegal for them participate in public life. We must also isolate them from one another. We must confiscate their wealth. Only in this way can we save the human race from the genocidal Jew who is killing us.

We must not be ashamed of the healing measures human beings have taken in the past to save themselves from the genocidal Jew. We must look to our ancestors to provide us with answers as to how to fight off the aggressor, but we must make our measures more permanent.

The Jews have deliberately murdered hundreds of millions of human beings, destroyed thousands of nations, ruined countless cultures, and stolen the wealth of humanity. We must not allow another generation of these vampires to wander free and breed among us. We must not favor them with a homeland. They are death in semi-human form and we have the right and the duty to defend ourselves from them.

If we fail to fight back against the genocidal Jew, our civilization will disappear, as did the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Assyrians, and Romans, all killed off by the murderous Jews. But bear in mind that the Jews do not just plan to destroy civilization. No, the Jews are determined to murder each and every non-Jew.

We are fighting against an enemy who is fighting to exterminate us. Since we are fighting for our very survival, we must employ appropriate legal measures to the task at hand, which is eliminating the Jews and their influence from our midst.

We can most easily and successfully accomplish this necessary end through the use of a strong central government under our control. The Catholic Church had the power to successfully leash the venomous Jews for centuries, because it remained stable and strong. As revolutions, fomented by Jews, increased, such as the Reformation, English Revolution, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, etc. the power of the Jew has increased and the stability and strength of governments to fight back against the Jew has diminished. As a consequence, the Jew has been able to mass murder hundreds of millions of our best human beings, and to rob us of our wealth, freedoms, and the health of the planet.

Just as the Nazis walked peacefully and lawfully into power, we and our "Power Party" should peacefully and legally seize control of the government of the United States of America and use that power to purge ourselves of the destructive Jewish influence that is killing us and destroying our nation.