Monday, January 26, 2009

The Jews' Behavior Far Exceeds Mere Hypocrisy, It Is Genocidal Racist Jewish Supremacism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At this very moment, men and women are imprisoned for merely expressing opinions, and bringing to light inconvenient facts, regarding the "official" Jewish Holocaust narrative. The Jews have made it illegal to argue with the truth and have proscribed freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

Contrast this horror with the horrible fact that the Jews are destroying evidence of Israel's crimes against humanity and are harboring Jewish war criminals. By Jewish instigated law, one class of human being, the non-Jew, has a muzzle put over his mouth which forbids him from speaking the truth; while another class of human being, the Jew, destroys evidence of crimes and harbors criminals. This behavior has the deliberate effect of enabling Jewish crimes against humanity, in the most heinous form of the genocide of innocents, and of covering up Jewish lies meant to create an artificial distinction whereby Jews claim privilege over non-Jews.

The Jews have made their racist hatred of normal human beings the law of the land and have done so in order to carry out genocide with impunity. As such, they have made themselves the enemy of the human race. They rob us of our liberty to think, know, study and express the truth, while they shield themselves from prosecution for committing genocide against their displaced neighbors, whose ancestral homelands they have stolen by force of arms. It is difficult to imagine a more racist and dangerous monstrosity than the genocidal Jew.