Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Jews' Diversionary Tactics: Bogging Down Russia and Armenia in Georgia and Chechnia: Capturing the Caspian While Turning the Black Sea Sour

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Caspian Sea floats atop a massive, perhaps unequaled, ocean of oil. On either side sit Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. The Jews want control over Baku and Turkmenistan.

The coming war between Arab traitors, Israel, and America against Syria and Iran, will pinch off the Persian Gulf and shut off the tap of the World's oil supply, by design. That will increase oil prices and turn Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan into gold mines.

Azerbaijan occupies historic Armenia and borders Russia and Iran. The Jews created and promote the mythologies of pan-Turkism and pan-Turianism. They hope to unite the Azeris and Turkmeninstanis with Turkey, against Russia, Iran and Armenia. Of course, the "pan-Turk" leaders are no more "Turkish" than were the Jewish "Young Turks". They are Jews and crypto-Jews and will rob the wealth of the region and deliver it to the Jewish bankers and the Jewish State of Israel.

The Jews are creating and fomenting problems for Russia and Armenia in Turkey, Georgia and Chechnia. This flanks Armenia and diverts the Armenians attention away from Azerbaijan. It unites Azeris and Turkmenistan with powerful Turkey, which has an enormous military and is a member of NATO. It cuts off Russia at the pass in Chechnia, drawing it away from Baku and Turkmenistan.

If God were to make me King of Armenia for one year, I would covertly obtain a nuclear arsenal from Russia which could easily strike Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I would initiate a counter-propaganda campaign in Turkey to inform the public that the Jews destroyed the Turkish Empire and with it the Caliphate, and that the Jews have always led the Turks into war, while milking off the wealth the Turks acquired with their Turkish blood and treasure. I would explode the racist mythologies the Jews are promoting in multiethnic Turkey. I would demonstrate to the Turks that it is the Jews who are destroying their ties to Europe; and the Jews who are flanking the Turks by inflaming Greece, the Balkans and Cyprus; while concurrently inciting the Kurds against the Turks and manufacturing a war against Iran and Syria which border Turkey, thereby setting up Turkey for perpetual war and inevitable Balkanization.

Georgians are not stupid and Georgians do not deliberately subvert their own business interests. I would use counter-propaganda to inform the Georgians that the Jews are making enemies out Georgia's natural allies and neighbors, and are destroying the Georgian economy. I would ask the Georgians why they are working with the Jews to make war against fellow Christians? Who will profit from this unnecessary strife, other than the Jews?

The Russians know that their nation profits from energy production, and that the Jews are getting in the way of their business. If the Russian People can be reached, it will be easy to drive a wedge between Russia and Israel. The Jews have so long massacred the Russians, that suspicion of the genocidal Jews has been wound into Russian DNA.