Monday, January 19, 2009

Making the Most of Jewish Propaganda, Part 2: How Much Royal Rump-Armor Can 1 Billion Dollars Buy?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I predicted, the Arab World is waking up to the fact that Saudi, Egyptian, Jordanian and Lebanese leaders are in bed with the Israelis. The Israelis attacked Gaza in order to split the Arab World and drive a wedge between Muslims, pitting Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon against the Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians. They attacked Gaza to weaken the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon and threaten them with revolution if they fail to sign on to an attack on Iran and Syria.

The Israelis' plan has had some success, but we can thwart it and turn their actions and their propaganda against them. Already, the Saudis' are trying to cover their rumps with a billion dollar gift (bribe?) to the Palestinians to forgive the Saudis' sins, sort of a Papal Indulgence to prevent the hellish punishment of revolution. Diana Elias of the Associated Press writes:

"The Arab world has struggled to come up with a unified response to the Gaza crisis — with strong Hamas supporters like Iran and Syria facing off against U.S. allies like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia."--Diana Elias, Associated Press Writer, "Saudi Arabia to donate $1 billion to rebuild Gaza",

For many years now, I have predicted that Gaza would become a death camp and that the Jews would exterminate the Palestinians at their first viable opportunity:

The Israeli Nazis and the Gaza Ghetto, February 21, 2007

The President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is calling for the criminal prosecution of Israeli leaders. Taieb Mahjoub of the AFP writes:

"Israel's arch foes condemned the Gaza onslaught at a summit in Qatar on Friday, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the prosecution of Israeli leaders by an international court.

Also at the summit, Qatar and Mauritania decided to suspended their relations with Israel, a Mauritanian diplomat said."--Taieb Mahjoub of the AFP, "Ahmadinejad demands prosecution of Israel's leaders",

For years now, I have been pleading with Ahmadinejad to initiate criminal charges against the Israelis and Americans, in, among many other places, the following blogs:

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Since the Arab governments are thoroughly corrupt, the Arab and Iranian peoples can place pressure on their leaders and put the expensive Jewish propaganda to use for themselves. The Jews have long called for the prosecution of Muslims and the overthrow of Muslim governments in order to "spread democracy" under the euphemism "regime change". The Jews have been propagandizing us to fight a war against "Terror".

As I suggested in April of 2007, Ahmadinejad should use his fame to Muslims' and Iran's advantage and star in a video documentary demonstrating that the Israelis are undemocratic terrorists who perpetually wage illegal aggressive war against the World. Just as the Israelis try to unite Americans with them against the Iranians, the Iranians should unite Americans with the Iranians against the genocidal Israelis by showing in this documentary how the Israelis have created a fifth column and fourth estate in America which has subverted our Democracy.

I wrote almost two years ago:

"I would suggest that the Iranians put Ahmadinejad's fame to work convincing World public opinion that much of human suffering over the last century has resulted from the Zionists and their international organizations. Take an historico-critical approach and document the facts in video documentaries. Then apply commonly accepted standards of human morality and offer just solutions to the problems the Zionists have created. World public opinion will favor this approach, and the Zionists will further alienate themselves as warmongers and troublemakers, while the Iranians will become increasingly seen as a nation under unjust, inhuman and racist attack. People will soon tire of the Zionist vampires crying out for more Moslem blood, and will turn to the positive and progressive solutions offered by the Iranians, most especially so if the Iranians and others succeed in uniting Islam for the cause of peace and prosperity. The contrast between Zionist warmongers and Islamic messengers of peace is becoming increasingly strong, and needs only a multimedia PR campaign to hasten the end of Zionist domination of World public opinion.

Show the carnage and injustice the Zionists have committed. Show what a shameful thing it is to be a racist, warmongering Zionist. Document the Zionist attack on humanity with irrefutable evidence. The truth favors the cause of Islam. Trust in the truth. Share the truth with the World.

Use the power the Jewish controlled media has given President Ahmadinejad. Produce a documentary of his career and interject the facts of Zionist corruption. Westerners are very curious about him. A documentary about him would be widely seen. Once you have the eyes and ears of the West, you can persuade Western minds with the facts."-->Use Ahmadinejad's Fame to Maximum Advantage, April 04, 2007

Since the Jews have made such a star out of Ahmadinejad, his video would immediately become an international sensation. It would strengthen his hand against the traitors in the Arab World. It would make him a hero of the Muslim World and win the World's sympathies for the Muslims. It would alienate and isolate the Israelis and turn the World against the Zionists by demonstrating their crimes, their hypocrisy and the danger they pose to the US, the Arabs, and the World.

Surely there is enough video footage of Jews slaughtering Muslims to show the World who that the Jews are the real terrorists. Surely there is enough evidence of Jews corrupting the press, government and churches of America, to show that the Israelis are warmongering subverters of democracy.