Friday, January 09, 2009

Making the Most of Jewish Propaganda

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have spent millions of man hours and billions of dollars propagandizing the American public in ways that can be very useful to us. The only obstacle we need to overcome is the fact that the Jews have scapegoated non-Jews for Jewish crimes. Fortunately, we have the sharp weapon of the truth with which to cut down their lies.

The Jews' favorite propaganda weapon is the "Holocaust". We can legitimately hold a mirror up to the Jew and use their propaganda to our advantage. Imagine posters of Reinhard Heydrich and Julius Streicher with the caption, "GENOCIDAL JEWS WHO PRETENDED TO BE A GERMAN". Imagine posters of Adolf Hitler screaming in a rage with the caption, "THE FOUNDER OF ISRAEL WORKING HARD FOR THE JEWS TO DESTROY EUROPE". Imagine posters of Adolf Eichmann with the caption, "ZIONIST JEW WHO TRANSPORTED HIS BROTHERS TO PALESTINE AND OTHER CONCENTRATION CAMPS". Imagine a poster of the Zionist Jew Robert Weltsch with a superimposed star of David over his face with the caption "'WEAR IT WITH PRIDE, THE YELLOW BADGE' JEWS CAUSED THE HOLOCAUST"

Another favorite weapon of the Jews is to portray the racist apartheid nation of Israel as if it were a democracy under attack from Islam. Imagine a poster showing a map of the Middle East with a united "Palestine" in bold red and no "Israel", with the caption, "PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: PALESTINE NOT WAR". Imagine a poster depicting the Israeli concentration camp wall and Palestinian children blown to bits and pieces, with the caption, "ISRAELI DEMOCRACY IN ACTION". Imagine images of Israeli soldiers beating Palestinian women with the caption, "JEWISH DOUBLESPEAK: 'LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF'". Imagine a poster of Talaat Pasha and Emanuel Carasso above a stack of decapitated Armenian heads with the caption, "ZIONIST JEWS MURDERED 1,500,000 CHRISTIANS". Imagine a poster of David Ben-Gurion together with Golda Meir on top of a pile of dead Jews with the caption, "ZIONIST JEWS: THEY WANTED JEWS TO DIE IN POLAND RATHER THAN LIVE IN ENGLAND".

The Jews portray themselves as if victims of race hatred. They have conditioned Americans to have an immediate and violent negative reaction to racism. This is why I called my website "". Imagine a poster of Marx, Trotsky, Kaganovich and Helphand atop a pile of dead Ukrainians with the caption, "THE JEWS MURDERED 100 MILLION CHRISTIANS". Imagine a poster of Albert Einstein with the caption, "THE JEWISH GENIUS SPEAKS, 'WHY DON'T WE JUST LET THE GOY KEEP HIS ANTI-SEMITISM, WHILE WE PRESERVE OUR LOVE FOR THE LIKES OF US?'" Imagine a poster with the American flag covered with the variegated faces of Europeans, Africans, Native Americans and Asians separated by the Jewish apartheid wall from an Israeli flag with a picture of Ariel Sharon. The American flag would bear the caption, "THE WORLD UNITED AGAINST JEWISH RACISM" and the Israeli flag would bear the caption "JEWS ONLY". Imagine posters of the prominent Jews and their puppets bearing yellow badges on their chests and wearing tall pointed yellow hats with the caption, "THE JEWS WHO BROUGHT US TO WAR".

We must show people that Jews are the racist aggressors, not the victims of racist aggression. We must use the Jews' own propaganda to our advantage. The Jews have conditioned people to react without critical thought to certain images. If we associate those images with Jews, then people will react as they should to the hostility and murderous aspirations of the Jewish People.

The Jews have promoted the notions of multiculturalism, diversity and egalitarianism. We should show people that the Jews view themselves as if superior to all others. We should encourage people to unite against the common Jewish enemy. In this way, the Jews' cries of racism against all other people will not ring true. While the Jew is pitting blacks against whites and Muslims against Christians, we should be uniting all people against the hostile Jew. They will have no defense and their hypocrisy will condemn them to the fate they wish upon all others.