Tuesday, January 06, 2009

On the Myth that Hitler Was a "Bonapartist" Who Turned on the Jewish Bankers After They Put Hitler in Power

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



There is a persistent myth that Adolf Hitler turned against the Jewish bankers after he had used their money to get himself elected. The myth further holds that the Jews forced war upon Hitler, because Hitler suddenly decided to print his own debt free currency.

One of the original sources of this myth is a dubious, though nevertheless very interesting and insightful, work attributed to Dr. J. Landowsky. In this book, The Red Symphony, there is a purported transcript of an interrogation of Christian Rakovsky, a Jewish Bolshevik, who is asked to reveal his secrets in an attempt to save his life. Rakovsky (there was in fact such a person) claimed that Hitler was a "Bonapartist", who unwittingly accepted Jewish banker money (in contradiction to Rakovsky's alleged views, most today who hold to this myth claim that Hitler knowingly took Jewish money, but turned against the Jewish bankers who put him in power), and who brought on their wrath when he began to print his own money without the Jews' usurious debt slavery attached to it.

"Bonapartist" is a Marxist term, which refers to a military takeover of a Jewish revolution, a military regime that coopts the revolution and imparts reforms which win it popular support. Hitler did indeed coopt the Nazi Revolution and turn it into Capitalistic war machine and war enterprise, after he murdered Ernst Roehm, Gregor Strasser and other purer Socialists than Hitler, in 1934. Prior to this move, Hitler already began the process of subversion in 1932, when he appeased the Capitalists, undermined Gottfried Feder's power, and worked with the Capitalistic banker Hjalmar Schacht to raise funds among the Capitalistic industrialists for the NSDAP, by promising them war profits.

However, this is exactly what the Jewish bankers wanted and this shift to the right related to private property rights, not monetary policy, per se. The Jews funded various factions within the NSDAP, just as they fund all sides of the wars they start, and just as they fund all major US presidential candidates, but Hitler was their ideal man, because Hitler guaranteed the Jewish bankers, and their Capitalistic shabbas Goyim, war production, Jewish segregation, and a Second World War.

Rakovsky's story in this book fails to capture the truth when it falsely claims that Hitler surprised the Jewish bankers by taking over the production of money and loan capital. The purported transcript of the Rakovsky interrogation found in J. Landowsky, translated by George Knupffer, The Red Symphony, states, among other things, on page 24,

"Rakovsky--One is that which I had already mentioned. Hitler, this uneducated and elementary man, has restored thanks to his natural intuition and even against the technical opinion of Schacht, an economic system of a very dangerous kind. Being illiterate in all economic theories and being guided only by necessity he removed, as we had done it in the USSR, the private and international capital. That means that he took over for himself the privilege of manufacturing money, and not only physical moneys, but also financial ones; he took over the untouched machinery of falsification and put it to work for the benefit of the State. He exceeded us, as we, having abolished it in Russia, replaced it merely by this crude apparatus called State Capitalism; this was a very expensive triumph in view of the necessities of pre-revolutionary demagogy... Here I give you two real facts for comparison. I shall even say that Hitler had been lucky; he had almost no gold and for that reason he was not tempted to create a gold reserve. Insofar as he only possessed a full monetary guarantee of technical equipment and colossal working capacity of the Germans, his 'gold reserve' was technical capacity and work ..., something so completely counter-revolutionary that, as you already see, he has by means of magic, as it were, radically eliminated unemployment among more than seven million technicians and workers.

G.--Thanks to increased re-armament.

Rakovsky--What does your re-armament give? If Hitler reached this despite all the bourgeois economists who surround him, then he was quite capable, in the absence of the danger of war, of applying his system also to peaceful production... Are you capable of imagining what would have come of this system if it had infected a number of other States and brought about the creation of a period of autarky... For example the Commonwealth. If you can, then imagine its counter-revolutionary functions... The danger is not yet inevitable, as we have had luck in that Hitler restored his system not according to some previous theory, but empirically, and he did not make any formulations of a scientific kind.[3] This means that insofar as he did not think in the light of a deductive process based on intelligence, he has no scientific terms or a formulated doctrine; yet there is a hidden danger as at any moment there can appear, as the consequence of deduction, a formula. This is very serious. Much more so that all the external and cruel factors in National-Socialism. We do not attack it in our propaganda as it could happen that through theoretical polemics we would ourselves provoke a formulation and systematization of this so decisive economic doctrine.[4] There is only one solution--war."

The myth placed in Rakovsky's mouth presumes that Hitler changed policies and that the Jewish bankers were unaware that Hitler intended to produce debt free currency and have the State provide investment capital without usury. These premises are false.

Hitler made his intentions quite clear in his book Mein Kampf, chapters 8 & 9, which was written and published many years before the Jewish bankers showered money on Hitler. In Mein Kampf, Hitler clearly states that he was attracted to the DAP (German Workers' Party), which became the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party), by Gottfried Feder. Feder clearly stated that the Germans should produce their own debt free currency and that the gold standard was a Jewish scam. Feder, like Strasser after him, distinguished the National Socialists from the Marxists on several grounds, including the importance of State control of loan capital, as opposed to the productive capital of Marxism, the abandonment of the pure materialism of Marxism in favor of race and nation, and the emphasis on nationalism as opposed to internationalism. The Jewish bankers could not have missed or misunderstood Hitler's intentions to produce his own currency, which were clearly enunciated at least as early as 1924. Hitler did not deviate from this stance, though he took on Schacht and appeased the German Capitalists by backing off his Socialist stance on private property as iterated in the 25 points of the NSDAP.

Hitler's monetary policies did not come as a surprise to the Jewish bankers, and they did not act against them. The Jewish bankers wanted Hitler to produce his own currency, because there was not enough gold or loan capital then in existence to finance the war machines of Germany, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, Japan and the United States of America.

In order for the Jews to have their Second World War, they needed to end the crippling gold standard and teach World leaders how to produce their own currency. Gottfried Feder, who taught Hitler how to manufacture and distribute currency, was a product of Thule Gesellschaft, which was a training ground for Nazi ideologists that was created by crypto-Jewish Zionists. Feder railed against Capitalism as a Jewish conspiracy. Thule promoted German nationalism as a means of attracting members and promoting a healthy German society free of Jewish influence, which would concurrently promote Zionism and the expulsion of Jews to Palestine.

It was to be expected that the Jewish bankers would finance all factions of the Nazi Party, just as they finance all sides of the wars, and all the major political candidates in our presidential elections. But Hitler was their first choice and their ideal puppet. By killing off the SA and the more ardent Socialists, and obtaining the backing of the German industrialists, Hitler paved the way for the Jewish bankers' war plans and for their planned segregation and expulsion of the Jews.

This does not mean that Hitler's monetary policies were wrongheaded and cannot be used to destroy the power of the Jews. Quite the contrary, there are many things we can learn from the Nazis, both by their successful monetary and economic policies, and by their disastrous Jewish war policies. If Hitler had built up Germany, instead of building up a Jewish war machine, Germany would today lead the World.