Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the Need for the Host to Eliminate the Parasite

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have led a parasitic existence from the very beginnings of their tribe. They have always known the vulnerabilities of normal human beings and have ruthlessly exploited them.

In order for an organism to combat a parasite that is exploiting the organism's nature, the organism must often change from what it naturally is, to become something else, which violates its nature. To combat infections, we take antibiotics that poison us as well as the bacteria that are invading our bodies. The antibiotics come with negative side effects and change the balance of healthy symbiotic and beneficial organisms that live in the body. To fight the infection, we must change what we are by nature, often for the worse.

The Jews force us to change our nature to combat their attack against us. Since they exploit our generosity and natural friendliness, we must become less generous and more hostile to protect ourselves from them. We must become more like the Jew in order to defend ourselves from the Jew.

It is far healthier to simply remove the parasite from our body, than to pump cyanide into our veins in the hopes of killing the leech. It is far better for us to remove the Jew from our presence, than to change our nature for the worse in order to defend ourselves from the constant Jewish attack which has always traveled with the wandering Jew when it has entered into normal societies courtesy of normal human beings' humanity and kindness.

We must guard against changing our normal and healthy natures to combat the Jew. It is better to weed them out, than poison our garden and ourselves.