Monday, January 19, 2009

The Poisonous Nature of Jewish International Economics and What the POWER PARTY Will Do Instead

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Consider a highly simplified model of an international economy. In this most basic model, we have only production and purchasing power.

Think of America as the only money producer. Think of China as the only goods producer.

Americans will pay themselves high wages for wasteful bureaucracies and unproductive professions, and produce lots of currency, so that they have a great deal of purchasing power with which to buy Chinese produced goods. The Chinese will produce lots of goods in an effort to gain dollars and they will funnel those dollars back into increased production, thereby reducing their own profits and lowering their own wages.

In this most basic economic structure, those who produce the most have the least purchasing power, and those who produce the least have most purchasing power. This is an unjust and terribly inefficient system. It is a Jewish system. It is the twin-headed hydra of Jewish Capitalism coupled to Jewish Communism. It is the international Jewish economic system of the global economy and it is about to collapse.

In this system it is really the Jewish bankers who literally make the money, and the American and Chinese slaves who produce the goods and consume them in ways that increase the profits of the Jews. The Jews want the poorest human beings to produce the most, and have those goods purchased by the human beings with the most purchasing power and the worst debts. The poor produce goods cheaply, and the comparatively rich pay high prices for them compounded by usurious interest rates and perpetual debt. Such a system maximizes profits for the Jews, but it is unjust, unsustainable, inefficient and highly destructive.

A Communist system will fail because the purchasing power of the individual does not increase with his or her productivity, and therefore eliminates any incentive to be efficient and productive. The profits on an international level increase as the cost of labor is reduced all the way down to slave labor. That is one of many reasons why the Capitalists created and financed the Communist revolutions and "Marxist" economic philosophy. Through their internationalism, they pit countries against one another and drain them all dry.

The country which produces currency and provides its citizens with purchasing power improves the standard of living of those citizens, but only temporarily. The Jews always attach unnecessary usury to the production of currency, and encourage colonialism; thereby increasing unemployment and debt. The Empire they create inevitably collapses as the debts accrue to unsustainable levels and unemployment skyrockets, and as the colonies are driven into ruin through exploitation. The Jewish parasite kills both the Capitalistic and the Communistic hosts it corrupts. Hence we have the ruined "Third World" and the collapsing "First World".

The Jews are producing dollars out of American debt slavery, and goods out of Chinese labor slavery. The balance must either reverse itself, or both countries must fail and fall into famine and death. The balance cannot reverse itself, because the manufacturing capital and talent is under a different sovereignty from the loan capital. So, unless something is quickly done, both nations are doomed, by design.

Now, let us change our most basic model to one in which the party who produces the most has the most purchasing power, and both nations strive for Autarky. We will forbid the generation of profits through speculation in both stock and commodities markets. We will pay wages based on productivity and contribution to the general welfare of society. None will starve, but those who contribute the most will have the most purchasing power and be rewarded for their labor, skill and talent.

We will ensure that each nation is independent of the other and there will be no Jewish World economy, so that we can neither be exploited by Jewish Capitalists nor Jewish Communists. We will mostly produce for ourselves, and the excess we will barter to other nations.

But we will guard our currency from speculation, debt, and excessive supply or unduly contracted supply. We will maintain a proper amount of currency in each nation to provide purchasing power for the goods we produce, and we will encourage that production by rewarding it and by not allowing the theft of profits taken without work or value added, nor will we allow currency producers to exploit goods producers. Usury and speculation will not exist in our system.

Americans would have to produce their own goods to stock their shelves. The Americans would have to lift their people out of debt slavery. The treasury would provide loan capital to Americans for this end, and attach a time penalty to currency to promote the velocity of money. A proper balance would be struck between the supply of money and the supply of goods and services. The money would be distributed in such a way as to favor efficient production and just consumption.

The Chinese would have to provide their own people with purchasing power and loan capital. The Chinese would have to lift their own people out of labor slavery.

There is an easy way out this mess which I have called the "international Jewish economic system"; but we will have to step over the Jews' lies and eliminate them from public life, because they have demonstrated time after time that they will ruin any people which adopts their philosophies or which allows them access to the media, government, finance, business, or educational systems of the nation.

We must strike a reasonable and fair balance between production and purchasing power. We must strike a reasonable balance between money supply and production. We must strive for national independence and Autarky.