Saturday, January 10, 2009

POWER PARTY Economic Policy: Why the Jews' "Economic Stimuli" Will Not Work and What the POWER PARTY Would Do Instead

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Modern Americans have an unnatural psychology and image of themselves as citizens. This pathological state of mind has led Americans to wage wars of aggression against innocent human beings, to sit idly by as Jews steal their money and futures, and wait for others to act on their behalf. Whereas "primitive" man would respond immediately to threats and would take control over his own destiny as the need arose to do so, modern man is a slovenly beast of burden, who will let his shepherd lead him off a cliff without objection.

There are many factors which have produced this unnatural state of mind. Religion reduces the importance of life, and leads the religious to become fatalistic, obedient to authority and less aggressive in their own defense. The control of information and the separation of the individual from the realities which govern his destiny both in terms of the information he needs to make proper decisions, and in terms of the actions he can take to control his own fate, have resulted in feelings of impotence and submission. The overwhelming power of the State and the inertia of the masses are also limiting factors on a man's ability to seize control of his future.

In this statement of POWER PARTY economic policy, I would like to address a few other issues which have degenerated the minds of our citizenry and made our People cowardly and obedient to the Jewish power structure. The Sephardic Jew David Ricardo observed long ago that free trade and colonialism could increase the efficiency of an advanced society through the principles of "comparative advantage" and the specialization of individuals.

We live in a highly specialized society. Even though I and my neighbors might be able to do a better job planting and harvesting lettuce than the Mexicans we import to do these jobs (I doubt it, but just for the sake of argument accept the premise), it is nevertheless more practical for us to encourage Mexicans to do these jobs while we do things which generate greater profits and personal satisfaction for us. The opportunity cost for us to do these jobs is higher than the loss in quality and efficiency of our society's lettuce supply by allowing others to do these jobs.

Specialists tend to do specific things more efficiently than non-specialists. It is easier to be a doctor if you don't have to maintain and milk your own cows, clean your own house, or repair your own car. We accept this fact and it has become a major part of our psychology, self image and sense of responsibility and personal power as members of a society.

Specialization brings with it certain risks. Your mechanic might cheat you. If the mechanics had the power to create a monopoly, and could manipulate the legislature to pass laws making their crimes legal, they could even come and break your car, and then charge you unfair fees to repair it. If you lacked the means and knowledge to repair your own car, you would have to accept the system, or be less competitive than those who did and were able to drive cars. This is what the Jewish bankers have done. They specialize in finance while we specialize in slavery.

Specialization also creates a sense of superiority and independence in the field in which one specializes, and also a sense of insecurity and inferiority in other fields. Americans have specialized in slavery while Jews have specialized in supremacy, thievery and exploitation.

Where specialization is coupled with "comparative advantage" both the individual and the nation lose their "Autarky"--their self-sufficiency. The Jews are able to manipulate specialized societies in several ways. First, they enter the society by weakening its sense of uniqueness and solidarity. The Jews accuse the nation of being intolerant if it seeks to limit Jewish immigration, which always changes the ethnic, cultural and religious complexion of the society. Of course, it is the Jews who are intolerant of any society which would remain intact without Jewish corruption, but nevertheless, this is one of the means by which the Jews infect a society and begin the process of consuming it. The Jews also free up immigration, especially the immigration of slaves, in which they trade. This also greatly changes the society the Jews infect, because immigration of foreign elements always degenerates the host society. Rome lost its way as it conquered other nations and imported their blood and their ways. Rome died as it imported Jews into the Empire.

North Africa has been blackened by its importation of slaves and the camel caravans which used to be Arab are now run by blacks. We find this same pattern recurring down through history, where the Jews import cheaper foreign labor, changing the ethnic, religious, cultural and governmental structure of the host society, and undercutting the wages of the host people, which ultimately and inevitably leads to the death of the nation and its people. Economics play a vital role in the survival of a race, an ethnicity, a culture, a religion, etc. and the Jews employ economics to destroy all other peoples.

This happened to America in the 1880's, when the Jews murdered the Czar of Russia and came to America in ever increasing numbers claiming persecution by the Slavs. Jewish bankers and organizations like the ADL pressured Congress to change the laws so that the laws of America were intolerant of Americans' interests and came to favor foreign Jews and the cheap labor they sought to import.

The Jews nearly monopolized the press and therefore the government. The press they did not directly own, they controlled through advertising dollars, smear campaigns and staff.

The Jews took over the specialty of information and thereby controlled public opinion. They also controlled the opinions in any group which sought to dissent from their control, by joining it and buying it out, then controlling its agenda and goals. Just as the Jews specialized in the Soviet Union as Commissars and other leaders, they have specialized and monopolized the organs of power and information in the United States of America. They produce almost nothing, but consume the profits of the nation.

Americans have come to accept the self defeating notion that government and press should be allowed to be monopolized and become the specialty of the few to govern the many. The Jews have taught us to consider it an element of our "freedom" to allow them to corruptly exploit us. What is in fact an oligarchy, an aristocracy of sorts, hides behind such words as "experience" to justify its existence as an undemocratic and hostile foreign government reigning over a subject people. The Jews are a tyrannical oppressor over the American People.

The Jews have taken over America. Americans are blind to the takeover, because they view it as just another facet of our specialized society. Mexicans do agricultural labor, and Jews run the press and the government, so what? Jews can openly boast that they own the motion picture industry, which has a tremendous impact on our society, and almost no one complains about the undemocratic and dangerously subversive nature of this crime against our nation. In fact, most gullible Americans would even compliment the Jews on their supposed talents and hard work which won them this success, without beginning to consider how this power enables a small and hostile minority to control the lives of the majority and exact a tyrannical reign over America in the name of their "freedom" to do so.

What if we continued this blindly stupid logic to its absurdities? What if we allowed the Jews to create and take over the specialty of those who are permitted to eat? What if the Jews, through their supposed talents and hard work, used their control over Congress to issue licenses to those approved to eat? What if the Jews tribally conspired to issue these licenses only to other Jews? Would we not at long last object to this encroachment on our fundamental rights?

We will not last long if we continue to allow the Jews to monopolize the media and government. Ultimately, information and government are as vital to us as is food. In fact, the Jews are using their monopolistic control over the media and government to turn our food, water and air into poison.

The Jews are stealing our money and our future with tens of trillions of dollars in "bailouts" and "economic stimulus packages". The Jews promise us that this theft of our taxpayer money will be reimbursed by growth in the economy.

The fatal flaw the Jews build into their "stimulus packages" is that they increase purchasing power without increasing domestic productive power. As a result, the new dollars they force us to borrow from them either go overseas, or they chase the same limited number of goods eventually causing inflation which always rises faster than wages. The Jews also promote military spending, which creates jobs and increases purchasing power, but which does not produce food or other consumer goods, so that the money filters to the super rich while the masses starve. The industrialists profit, but the nation suffers.

The Jews also promote public works projects which create jobs and increase purchasing power, but which do nothing to increase domestic production, other than perhaps improve some parts of infrastructure, infrastructure which tends to serve foreign interests in our present state, rather than domestic industry, which is falling apart.

The POWER PARTY would not take the Jewish route in the current economic crisis, which crisis the Jews have deliberately brought on America and the World. One major step we would take is to remove the Jews from banking, the press, the government and all other aspects of public life, and seize their stolen assets. We would regulate the money supply to maintain a proper balance between purchasing power and domestic production. We would encourage Autarky, the self-sufficiency of America.

The "comparative advantage" of Americans sitting in unemployment lines is nothing, so the POWER PARTY would expel illegals, while working with foreign governments to create jobs for these illegals in their home countries. We will place a strong emphasis upon maximizing the impact of labor in Mexico, Central and South America for the benefit of the local nations, as opposed to corporations.

In place of this lost labor in America, we would create debt free money with a time penalty, and a duty tax on imports, encouraging the velocity of money and the consumption of domestic goods. We would not permit speculation on our currency, and foreign exchange would have to be done through a system of trade, not currency, though foreign entities would be able to purchase our goods with our money. However, in order to acquire this money, they would have to open up businesses in America and use profits made in America to obtain Greenbacks, or else resort to trade. Foreign agents would have to make arrangements with domestic ministers to capitalize businesses which they seek to open in America. The capitalization would have to come through the issue of domestic currency, so that the balance of production, goods and purchasing power remain at beneficial levels and under the control of the American People by and through the American Government.

Our money is our nation's life blood, and we will not spill it without a fight. There must always be productive value added to labor and services for profits to accrue. Money should not be used to facilitate the theft of usurious wealth accumulation. There should always be money available for production and services, which will benefit the general welfare of Americans.

The POWER PARTY would put the money where it will create purchasing power and domestic production. We will not simply build roads and power plants, we will also finance domestic businesses and production. We will fund worker education and clean up the schools and the media so that our citizens are dignified, qualified and efficient. We will also ensure that domestic production supplies our needs whenever and wherever possible and practical. We will strive for Autarky, but we will also enable our people to open up businesses overseas, though we will not allow any American to increase profits by undercutting the value of American labor with cheaper foreign labor.