Sunday, January 11, 2009

POWER PARTY Military Policy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The POWER PARTY represents a dramatically different approach to the use of force from the Jewish system currently in place in America. The Jews are using our military to fight their wars and to spread war and revolution around the globe, rather than implement and maintain stability and good relations among all nations. The Jews want chaos, revolution and war. Normal human beings desire peace, prosperity and good international relations.

The Jews control the military much the same way they control the prison and criminal justice system. Wars and prisons are profitable enterprises and the Jews promote crime and conflict to ruin America and the World, and to make money while doing it.

Prevention of war and the promotion of good international relations will be the primary function of America's military. After war starts, or a crime is committed, the nation has already failed because is too late for a good outcome. There are already victims and bloodshed, and it is costly to provide defense and justice. War and the incarceration of criminals come after some harm is already done, and usually accomplish nothing other than defense and justice for a harm. It is far better to prevent harm to our citizens and our nation, than to have to defend ourselves and seek remedies for crimes committed against us.

A very simple and yet effective means to prevent wars and crimes is to hamstring the Jewish warmongers. The nation of Israel is presently, and has always been, agitating and promoting wars. The Jews have always made profits from wars. The Jews have always promoted wars as a dysgenics program to kill off the best of the Goyim.

Removing the Jews from public life and preventing them from communicating with other Jews, and from forming or participating in any organizations, will destroy their legendary intelligence networks. Tagging the Jews with yellow badges and yellow hats will make their presence obvious. Removing the Jews from banking and money creation will take away several of their incentives to create war and prevent them from profiting from war and debt. Removing the Jews from government and the press will take away their ability to declare wars and to provoke wars by shaping public opinion and beating the war drums, which will be illegal for all Jews, for they will be barred by law from discussing politics.

The POWER PARTY has already declared war on Israel by recognizing that Israel and World Jewry are waging war on the human race in general and on the United States of America directly. We will push for a formal declaration of war in the US Congress at the earliest possible date. America's declaration of war on Israel will win America the support of the People of the World and restore America's reputation as a great, independent, sovereign and peace loving nation.

America will first weaken the Jews economically by boycotting the Jewish State and encouraging other nations to do so. America will finance the Jews' enemies and encourage trade with the enemies of Israel. America will starve the Israelis and force them to surrender their weapons or perish.

The Jews have openly declared that they are an existential threat to the human race. America will declare a policy that recognizes that the Jews have threatened to exterminate the human race if their experiment in World domination fails, and that if the Jews ever again engage in a shooting war with the United States of America, the American Government will execute all Jews under its control, accumulating as much intelligence information as possible in the process, and will annihilate the Nation of Israel with nuclear bombs. Jewish bankers who are captured by the American Government after any such hostilities have commenced, will be tortured in the cruelest fashion known to man and then publicly executed. The continued existence of human life must not be threatened by the Jews without the severest of guaranteed repercussions ensured by the Government of the United States of America and our laws.

All citizens will enjoy the privilege of military service from the ages of 13 to 45, which will include training in the nature of the Jewish threat, and the improvement of America's image internationally. All Americans will be encouraged to provide counterintelligence against the warmongering Jews and will be rewarded for doing so.

The Jews have always subverted our military might by engaging in espionage against our nation. This historical fact will cost them their citizenship and their ability to serve in the military, or any related industry. The American Government will win our soldiers and sailors the advantage of secrecy, which is so lacking today with the Jewish infiltration that is arming our enemies and agitating for wars against us. The American Government will destroy the Jewish banking industry as a military target and make it impossible for the Jews to finance the enemies they create against us. The American Government will prevent the Jews from discussing politics, or forming or participating in organizations, which will inhibit their ability to promote revolutions, agitate for wars, or promote political theories hostile to our nation and way of life.

The Jews are far and away the single greatest threat to our national security. As such, the destruction of Jewish power will be the primary concern of the American Government and the American Military under the leadership of the POWER PARTY.