Thursday, January 08, 2009

The "Power Party" Must Target the Average Middle Class American, Not the "Buy Gold, Build a Bunker Patriot Community"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The new political party I am developing, the "Power Party" is intended for the mainstream, middle class American. One of the reasons why third parties have failed in America, is because they have promoted a revolt of one sort or another against the major parties. I do not wish to make that mistake. Americans tend to view themselves as members of one of the two major parties and view a revolt against these parties as a revolt against themselves.

My goal is to convince Americans that they are under attack by World Jewry. The "Power Party" is not a revolt against Democrats or Republicans.

The "Power Party" is a method of survival, a natural immunological response on a communal scale, the stirring of the blood with adrenaline when a predator has entered the camp, an intellectual and spiritual awakening to the danger of the Jew and the means and actions we can and must take to defeat the enemy and build our nation. We must maintain an ease, a naturalness, a simple but not simplistic organic approach to politics.

We are life. The Jew is death. We are freedom. The Jew is slavery. We build. The Jew destroys. We speak the truth. The Jew lies.

The masses are not to be found in obscure Jewish discussions over "Austrian economics". The masses are not going to be swayed by talk of the advantages of the .45 over the 9mm, or which State should secede.

The masses know the basic laws of nature of the modern man, basic freedom, employment and peace in the homeland. We must view Americans as a People again, a People with a basic understanding of what we represent and what we are striving to achieve.

We have to awaken Americans to the facts. Only the Jews are engaging in terrorism in the homeland. We need only contain the Jew, and the terrorism will stop. Americans like peace in the homeland.

Americans want work and good wages, health care and an education. The Jews have sent our jobs overseas, subverted our educational system and ruined our healthcare system. They have openly stolen several trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer and brought us into wars of their manufacture, it is about all they make, other than money from usury. These are issues that will stir the American People to action, not UFO's, gold bars, or bird flu.

The "Patriot Community" gets nowhere because it is designed to fail. It is designed to be a rumor mill and little else. A small gin for generating opinions favorable to World Jewry, and an example to the average American that there is no viable alternative to the two major parties. There are no large numbers of voters to be found in its ranks.

To be successful, we have to become mainstream and keep things simple. We have to focus on the average American and appeal to his concerns and to his nature. We have to become a People and fight together and build together.

The Jew has brought us poverty, disease and decadence. The Jew has brought us wars without end, higher taxes and unpayable debts. The Jew lies to us and degrades us in its media.

The "Power Party" means jobs, education, health care, a truly free press, legal reform, an end to needless wars, and relief from the burden of taxes. The "Power Party" means a decent house for every family, clean air and clean water, safe neighborhoods and a media that promotes dignity and mutual respect for all of our citizens.

As these choices become clearer, as the two Jewish parties fade into obsolescence through their failure to provide for the basic needs of the American People, our "Power Party" can and will succeed. We need to step aside from the "alternative media" and distance ourselves from the flakey characters who dominate it. It will take time, but our numbers will grow; and if we remain consistent, it will be clear that we are the viable, practical and only option for the average American.