Monday, January 12, 2009

POWER PARTY Superiority

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am designing the POWER PARTY to have several built-in advantages over other political parties in America. In our traditional parties, and in the semi-successful "third parties", a tremendous effort is put into winning elections, and the loss of a candidate results in a total waste of time and resources. The members of the party are then forced to live under the rule of competing parties and find themselves in a weakened and disgusted state, because they have expended their energy in vain.

Even when a party's candidate wins, he or she has to share power with other opposing parties, and compromise the principles of the candidate's party. In the case of third parties, the candidate often passes the plate and takes the money of his congregation and leaves them without a prayer of victory. The party members work their behinds off, and the candidate disappoints and walks away with millions.

The POWER PARTY is unique. It will create a community, not just a machine to win votes. The POWER PARTY will serve its members in governmental and extragovernmental ways.

Members will unite to serve the needs of the community, whether or not the candidates are ultimately victorious in the elections. The POWER PARTY has an education policy, which it will make the law of the land if elected, but if we are not elected, we will implement a version of our education policy among our members. In this way, no efforts will be wasted, and the loss of an election will not represent a powerless state for our members.

This will lead us far, for the Democrats and Republicans are not providing for the needs of the American People. Their members will defect to our Party when they see us succeeding in spite of the governmental policies the Republicans and Democrats have instituted, while they fail and suffer.

The POWER PARTY will organize and sponsor food coops, alternative dispute resolution centers, midwifery centers, sports clubs, capital investment structures, barter and stock programs to substitute for debt based currency, etc. We will make it fun, educational and rewarding to participate in our POWER PARTY. We will place a strong emphasis on the preservation of families and diverse cultures.

The POWER PARTY will host fairs where different cultures will share their art, music, food, national costumes, dance, history, etc. We will promote real diversity and at the same time mutual respect and understanding among Party members. This will make America stronger, and take advantage of America's diverse population to better our international relations. We have yet to take advantage of our Asian population to promote our national interests in Asia. We have yet to take advantage of our African population to promote our national interests in Africa.

POWER PARTY member's will be encouraged to join the "70AD UNION" which will provide a mutual support network for self and mutual defense of our community. We will build safe neighborhoods and sophisticated schools. We will pool our resources, train one another, and unite for our common defense both economically, and if need be, militarily. The 70AD UNION will host conferences to discuss the subversion of our nation and what we can do to remedy the situation.

In this way, our hard work will never be in vain, and we will never be forced to compromise our principles for political expediency. If the government won't do it, we will do it for ourselves and offer our helping hand to our neighbors.