Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Problems We Face at the Moment Are Political, NOT Military

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At the moment, the American public does not face a military challenge, but rather a political challenge. We have to win over the minds of Americans, and pointing guns at the enemy will not change the mentality nor the beliefs of the Jewish controlled American slave population.

It is unwise and ineffective to attempt to solve political problems with military means. The POWER PARTY faces an American populace whose minds have been forged in the dies of Jewish lies. This is a political problem.

When the blacks were freed by military force after the Civil War, they still suffered from a slavish mindset. Sadly, it is still our task to teach all of our citizens to be free, especially the blacks. The climate to be free is there, but the mindset enslaves the masses. That is a political challenge, not a military challenge.

The government could disappear tomorrow, and that would not of itself change the mentality and beliefs of majority America. If we changed the mentality and beliefs of majority Americans, and the government resisted this change, then we would enter into a situation in which military force became necessary and desirable, but such is not the case at present.

On such issues as immigration and the Jewish banker bailouts, the government is openly opposed to the will of the electorate, but the harm military action would cause would outweigh any gain of simply halting the bailout and closing the borders and the common wisdom is at least great enough to come to this conclusion.

We need to teach the American People that they face far greater threats than just these, and we must teach the American People who is attacking them, why they face the problems they face, and what actions need to be taken to remedy the situation and create a sustainable and glorious future for our People. Obviously, this a political task at the moment, not a military objective.

We do not need to destroy or capture anything militarily to gain access to the American public. We are unbound though we constrain ourselves through our lack of understanding and our collective cowardice. Rather than employing physical force against the enemy at this time, we need to improve ourselves intellectually and spiritually so that we can persuade the American public to follow our political agenda.

If we are smart and deserving of success, the fact that the Jews are tearing down majority America can be made to work in our favor, because it is easier to sell sandwiches for food in the political marketplace, when the only alternative the competition is offering the public is shinola on a shingle. For example Barack Obama was an easy candidate to beat. He is an empty headed slogan spewing actor who reads his scripts poorly and melodramatically. He is a phoney and a fraud and as such easily exposed and easily defeated.

Consider now the rise of the Japanese economy and the Wirtschaftswunderzeit in Germany following WW II. America had every natural advantage over both Japan and Germany, yet these nations grew from literal ruins to challenge America and exceed Great Britain. They did it by starting off with new capital as the Americans, Brits and French used old production capital. But also, the American automobile industry produced comparatively poor and inefficient cars as the Japanese and German auto industries in particular emphasized quality and economy. It did not take long for the Japanese and Germans to make headway into the American automobile market because the domestic competition was poor.

The Jews dominate the Democrat and Republican Parties and have made them one garbage party which is deliberately bringing America down. Our POWER PARTY will face only this miserable competition, because the Jews who control the other parties want America to fail and therefore offer Americans nothing but more garbage to heap on the rot they have already piled on top of us. We will shine ever brighter by comparison to the Republican and Democrat's rusty old Jewish Communist rhetoric which emphasizes government control and welfare, instead of offering investment capital for private production and protectionist tax policies, which is what the POWER PARTY will do. The Jewish Bolshevists are only offering to borrow money from Americans to hand it back to them and then demand it be paid back to the Jews with interest. Since the Jews concurrently promote imports over domestic production, they have deliberately created an unsustainable and self-destructive system in America and it is failing by design and the Jews will only encourage more failure.

The Jews are destroying America politically and they are able to do so because they face no political competition. Instead, they have a controlled opposition which proposes infantile military solutions to these political problems, and does so on such a small scale that any such attempts provoked by the Jews only lead to sympathy for the Jews. If the same effort and funds which the "Patriot Community" is wasting on supposed military solutions to our political problems were instead put into the POWER PARTY we could offer the American public an authentic resolution to the crisis the Jews have brought upon us, without destroying anything of value to Americans.

The "Tom Sawyer" effect can be made to work in our favor, but we must do much more than simply provide an example. We have to create incentives for POWER PARTY membership. We should create schools and learning materials, and offer scholarships, especially at the graduate school level. We need our people in a position to claim power in effective ways, so that we do not tear down America, but rather build up America. We need to organize organic food production and distribution. This can become a means for financing our efforts, as can our counter-media and our schools. Not only will we make money for our cause, but we will concurrently and concomitantly improve the lot of our members and our country, and spread our doctrines to the public. Midwifery and other more natural and healthy alternatives to Jewish medicine can also become a specialty of ours, which will curry us favor with the public and generate needed funds, while demonstrating the advantages of our ways.

We must of course also prepare for our defense and the defense of America from the Jews, but since we will be working primarily politically, every step the Jews take to stop us will be seen by the American People as an encroachment on our political rights, rather than as the government defending the American People from domestic terrorism, which the Jews would love to have as a weapon to use against our movement.

Let the Jews pose the violent threats. Let our POWER PARTY demonstrate positive political change, not hollow Marxist rhetoric, which is all the Jews have to offer.

Americans are fed up, but at the moment they are looking for political answers and the "Patriot Community" is only offering them war and fear. The Jews have small numbers. It is only media and a lack of organized competition which enables the Jews to shape the public mind and that gives them the effect of having large numbers.

The Jews' Achilles heel is the fact that they are working against the best interests of the American public, which ought to be their death politically because no one wants the enemy to rule over them. The Jews are only successful because we fail to offer a superior political alternative. Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, is that really the best that we can do? Surely not!

All we need do is take direct aim at the elephant in the room and our message will be so clear, so true and so necessary that the public cannot ignore it or reject it. The elephant is really just a balloon filled with hot gas. A pin prick is all that is needed to deflate it.

Though the majority American will rightly reject terrorism, they will eagerly embrace viable and positive political options. The POWER PARTY is such an option.

Military problems require military solutions. Political problems require political solutions. We presently face a political problem and the POWER PARTY is the solution.