Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes the Path of Least Resistance Is to Resist With All Your Might

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Picture, if you will, a ball tumbling down a hill. It will follow the path of least resistance, but will strike immovable objects and yield to their will.

We come into existence with a spirit, a creative mind that enables us to look into the future and make reasonable decisions as to how to act in the present. We can walk down the same hill that our imaginary ball has traveled, and we can avoid destructive obstacles by choosing to take steps that for the moment require more work, but over the course of our journey make our travels much easier.

Americans seem to me very reluctant to side step the stumbling stones the Jews have tossed on our path if it takes even the smallest amount more effort than sitting down on a trap. We mistakenly believe that the path of least resistance at any given moment results in the easiest journey throughout our entire lives, but this is not the case. It is often easier to endure a specific hardship which makes the rest of our lives better.

For many, it is easier to work hard in school and then coast through a comparatively more rewarding career in our adult lives, than to coast through school and spend adulthood cleaning toilets. So why don't Americans put forth some effort fighting back against the Jew in order to secure a secure future for themselves and for their children?

I remember when they made it a law that one must wear seatbelts. Many objected that this was a State infringement on our rights, but few understood the psychological consequences this would have on our ability to resist threats to our existence against which our government would not only not warn us, but in which our subverted government would participate.

I remember when they first started stamping warnings onto firearms. I thought it absurd, that someone so ignorant as to benefit from these warnings would be foolish enough to handle a firearm. I thought of the fact that there was at one time a culture in America, where we were taught the rules of safely handling guns, and those who did not know these rules did not come into contact with firearms.

Many complain of the "Nanny State" because they do not want to pay taxes to finance the lazy and the incompetent, but few understand the psychological impact that the welfare State and the safety regulations have on our People. Gullible Americans believe that the government, so eager to interfere on our behalf for our safety, would warn us if the Jews were a threat, and would act to protect us.

"Anti-Semites" throughout history have alleged that the Jews come with a warning label, in that their haunted and sneaky eyes and hooked noses were repugnant to most human beings. Mediaeval paintings feature demonic figures with Jewish features, but Jews themselves do not come with warning labels. That is why government after government has required the Jews to wear badges identifying them as the enemy of the human race and warning all normal human beings to never trust the Jews.

We have to awaken Americans to the fact that we have a severely limited time now in which to resist the Jews, who are setting up to destroy us. For us, it is 1916 Russia. We can put forth comparatively little effort and combat the Jews who are attacking us, or we can take what the stupid perceive to be the path of least resistance, which in fact leads into the gates of the concentration camp, that will quickly become the death camp.

The Jews are in control of the government and the press. They are not going to warn you that they are about to kill you, though they will encourage you to welcome death in the form Christian Zionism with its Jewish mythology of the "Rapture". The Jews want you to believe that the easiest thing for you to do is hide and follow along with the future that they have mapped out for you. But that path will lead you into a house of horrors, and you cannot even begin to imagine the terrors that await you inside.

It will be far easier for Americans over the course of time to endure a little work now in order to spare our lives tomorrow. If we "pay our dues" and rid ourselves of the genocidal Jews, then we can quickly build up our nation to be far better than it ever was in the past. If we are lazy now, the Jews just might succeed in their plans to shackle and then exterminate us. When it comes to paying now, or paying later, the Jews always attach usurious interest to the costs of procrastination and complacency. Shylock will have his pound of flesh and if you fail to jail the Jew, the Jew will fillet you with a dull knife and drink your blood in a cup cut from your child's emptied skull.