Saturday, January 03, 2009

Were the Arabs Nazis During WW II?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Some highly dubious characters in the "Patriot Community" are spreading the myth that the Arabs were Nazis and therefore the Nazis could not have been Zionists (think "Sam Danner" and "Obama might be another JFK" when judging the quality of the judgement of some of those promoting this mythology). The original source of the myth that the Arabs were Nazis was Jewish propaganda meant to stigmatize the Arabs as if Nazis who wanted to exterminate the Jews. The stigmata is today far less than it was yesterday, but it was yesterday that this myth first appeared and it was the product of Jewish smear propaganda against the Arab world.

The argument that the no Arab would have supported the Nazis if the Nazis were Zionists contains several fatal flaws:

1). Zionism was not the most severe form of colonialism the Arabs faced in the period from 1933-1945, nor was it a realistic threat at that time. The Nazis worked with the Jews to send Jews to Palestine, and the majority of those Jews promptly left Palestine finding life in Palestine unbearable. It was only then that the Nazis ended their open collaboration with the Zionist Jews, because the program was a failure for the Zionist Jews. It was only then, at the behest of the Jewish bankers, that the Nazis turned up the heat on the Jews of Europe to provide them with a future incentive to move to Palestine and stay. In general, the Arabs did not much care about the Jews who were coming to Palestine in relatively small numbers.

In the thirties and early forties, British and French colonialism were far more significant and immediate threats to the many millions of Arabs, than the prospect of a hundred thousand Jews, or so, moving to Palestine, or so the Arabs thought. In fact, the Arabs helped the British defeat the Ottoman Empire in WW I. At that time, the Muslim Arabs fought against fellow Muslims, and with Jews and British Zionists, to defeat the Ottoman Empire and free up Arab land. The British were then openly Zionistic, having issued the Balfour Declaration. So the argument that Arabs would not support Zionists during a world war is false and contradicts known historical facts.

2). It is a known fact that the Nazis were indeed open Zionists, so the presumption that there can be any doubt as to that fact is false. The Nazis financed their economy in collaboration with the Zionists in the Transfer Agreement at a time when the rest of Jewry were boycotting the Germans. It was the British who opposed and hindered Nazi Zionism, not the Arabs. The Arabs and Jews have often been allies throughout their history. They share a similar understanding of monotheism, a common dislike of Christian "Crusaders" and colonialists, similar languages, etc.

3). The assertion that the Arabs were Nazis is false. The Arab nations were not a part of the Axis powers. There was not a single Arab nation which fought on the side of the Nazis. There was a very brief war between a rebellious group in Iraq and the British in 1941, the Anglo-Iraqi war, but it was short-lived and not very costly to the British. There were a handful of Nazi Arabs, just as there were Nazi Norwegians and French Nazis. I dare say there were far more Nazi Americans than Arab Nazis. But the argument that because there were a few Nazis paid by the German government among the millions of Arabs in the Arab nations, that the Arabs were therefore Nazis, is as ludicrous as would be the claim that Norway and France were Axis powers and that the Nazis never made war on Norway or France.

4). It is also ludicrous to presume that the Nazis would not attempt to trick the Arabs into supporting Nazism even though the German Nazis considered the Arabs to be sub-human and subject to the eventual rule of the master race. The Nazis needed oil and control over the Mediterranean. Just as the Nazis were seen as liberators by the Ukrainians, then mass murdered the Ukrainians, the Nazis were seen by some few Arabs as potential liberators from British and French colonialism, but that did not make the Nazis sincere allies of the Arabs, but rather opportunists and tricksters trying to win a war despite Hitler's best efforts to cost Germany the war. The bogus argument disregards the fact that the Arabs could have been tricked. We can see today how a small few of the Arabs are being tricked in Gaza to work against their own interests, while still others are crypto-Jews and controlled opposition forces. It is safe to presume that the Jews had such forces among the Arabs during WW II, as they did during and before WW I.

5). Though the Arab nations did not ally themselves with the Nazis, the Zionist Jews in Palestine did offer to ally with the Nazis and fight the British at the height of the war and after the alleged Nazi extermination campaign against the Jews. If the Nazis were anti-Zionists, why would the Zionists offer to fight with the Nazis? Again, it was the British who were anti-Zionists during Hitler's reign, not the Germans. I argue that this was merely because the British were under Jewish domination and that the Jewish masses were not Zionists and the Zionist Jews wanted to use the Germans to ungently persuade the Jews to become Zionists, just as Herzl openly stated that anti-Semites were the Zionists' best allies.

There is much more which can be said to defeat the fallacious argument that the Arabs were supposedly Nazis and that no Arab would have supported the Nazis if the Nazis were Zionists, but this will suffice for now.