Thursday, January 15, 2009

The World Will Turn on America in 2009: Beware Hillary Clinton

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In November of 2006, I predicted that the World would quietly counter-attack the United States and destroy our economy:

The Quiet Counter-Attack, November 29, 2006

This article appears below.

On 29 November 2006, I was referring to governments and business leaders. The People of the World have been amazingly patient with America, but their patience is about to run out.

As America defaults on its debts, and ceases to fuel the massive economic engine of the World by consuming as if there were no limits; and as America continues to sponsor illegal Israeli aggression and fight new wars for the Jews, the People of the World will call for their governments to attack America. The UN will take the lead, and there will be boycotts of American goods. Americans will be murdered abroad. The tourism industry in America will die. Americans will be thought of as the scum of the Earth. Comedians and politicians around the globe will deride America and Americans. The international press will scorn us.

The Jews will attempt to portray Barack Obama as if a messiah, as I predicted would happen, long ago. And as I predicted back on 13 October 2008, the Jews will have Obama borrow from the taxpayer to give the taxpayer cash with which to consume:

To Where Will the Money Flow? October 13, 2008

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile, November 05, 2008

The Israeli Snake Barack Obama Bites America in the Back and Injects the Candy Coated Venom of Jewish Usury into Our Financial Veins, November 08, 2008

Today, the press reports that Obama is pledging to borrow 825 billion dollars from the taxpayers to "give" to the taxpayers to keep them appeased and to fulfill his contract with the Jewish bankers who put him in power:

House Democrats propose $825 billion stimulus bill

This "gift", together with the Jewish theft of 8 trillion dollars, and the trillions in expenses for the Jewish wars America has been fighting, will finally bury the American economy and the US dollar, and turn the People of the World sharply against us. In such a hostile and turbulent environment, the Secretary of State will wield a tremendous amount of power. Madeleine Albright's crypto-Jewish father, Josef Korbel, gave us two female Secretaries of State, his daughter and his pupil Condoleezza Rice. See my blog:

The Judaization of American Politics and Universities, the Jewish Controlled Opposition to Jewish Communism, and the Jewish Use of Black Traitors, November 28, 2008

The Jews have long used the position of Secretary of State to warmonger. Recently we have witnessed Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice promote bloodshed. Hillary Clinton was made Secretary of State for a reason.

Clinton will petition the US Congress, which is dominated by her fellow Democrats, the American People, and the World for war against Iran. She will run around the World declaring that Iran plans to destroy America and that America must defend itself from Iran. Hillary Clinton will attempt to keep Obama's image strong as she takes the lead to bring America into war for the Jews.

If I can find a candidate to run for president, then we will be able to thwart the Jewish campaign to destroy America. We can expose Obama and Clinton as the warmongering Jewish puppets that they are, but much more than this, we can offer Americans a new future of prosperity and peace.

Keep an eye on Hillary Clinton. She will spill venom on Iran, Syria and Russia as no one else yet has, while puppet Obama plays "statesman" and drives American into the gutter.

My blog The Quiet Counter-Attack, November 29, 2006:

"The Zionist Bush regime has blackened the image of America around the world. At the behest of Israel and Jewish leaders, the United States of America has committed genocide in Iraq and has sponsored the Israeli genocide in Lebanon. The world cannot but take notice of these events. The pro-Jewish, anti-everyone else racist bias among Jewish controlled American politicians and the Jewish controlled media in America is strikingly apparent. Iran and its leaders cannot be mentioned in the American media without the obligatory mantra of holocaust denial and threats against Israel's existence, as well as the fictional charge of an imminent nuclear threat, also being mentioned.

However, Israel is forever praised, with no mention of its unprovoked and barbaric aggression against defenseless Lebanon, without calling attention to its hundreds of nuclear weapons and open threat to use them, without any condemnation of its repeated threats to wage war on Iran and Syria, or Israel's dehumanization and genocide of the Palestinian People. The American media does not present unbiased reporting of the news of the world. It is instead a forum for Israeli warmongering propaganda and for racist and groundless attacks against innocent, peace loving Moslems. The American media deliberately promotes hatred and cries out for war.

The fact that the American media has not embraced the historic peace initiatives beginning in Iran, Iraq and Syria, but instead ridicules them, demonstrates for the world to see that the fascistic American media/government combine fully intends to complete its deliberate destruction and balkanization of Iraq and Lebanon, at the behest of racist Jews; and they will fight any and all attempts to bring about peace and establish stability in the region. It could not be more clear that the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled American Government are deliberately destroying the region. It is not incompetence which has kept the Zionist Bush regime from engaging in diplomacy and negotiations to stabilize the Iraqi nation America has destroyed. Rather it is obedience to the Israelis who want perpetual war and revolution in the Middle East which has deliberately kept the American Government from solving the problems the Zionists have deliberately caused the innocent nations of the region.

Under the Zionists, the American Government has alienated the United States from the rest of the world and threatened the major powers of the world with world war. The other nations of the world know that the American military machine must be fed with dollars. Its appetite is enormous, and the war profiteers' corruption makes the pig of war even more gluttonous. Racist, traitorous, Zionist Jews have isolated America and given the rest of the world, not only the incentive, but the urgent imperative to destroy the American economy and thereby cut off the flow of funds to the American military beast. In turn, this puts a time pressure on the racist Jews, who have taken over American politics, to attack now, while America can still afford to wage war. We must resist them with all our might. Our economy cannot endure the pressure of another war. Moreover, if we do not begin to engage in honest diplomacy, the world will subtly and deliberately sink our economy.

China, Pakistan, India and Russia are uniting for self defense. They will discover that they do not need America as a mill through which to produce their wealth, as was the case in the past. Their banking reserves are growing and they can loan their own people the monies needed to grow their own economies. American debt will reach a breaking point very quickly if we engage in more war and continue to push other nations to ruin us economically. Deals are quietly being made by heads of state, and business leaders around the world. They are finally figuring out how to shut down Imperial America without pressuring America into war.

We can thank Jewish financiers and racist Zionists for our decline, but we must also take general responsibility for our own failure to rein in the disloyal Jews who are deliberately destroying us. The information is freely and widely available. If Americans continue to be brutal to the world, complacent with our Zionist puppet government, and consume beyond our means, we will fall hard and fast; and the world will watch with delight as we slide into the abyss of Bolshevik America.

Many nations are presently sawing away the underpinnings of our economy. Racist Jewish bankers are well aware that they are driving America towards the precipice of a sharp decline. If they do not achieve their world war today, they will try to make war appear to be an economic necessity for America, and will exploit the opportunity of a depression to install a brutal dictator and steal our wealth. They are forming the alliances of great armies in preparation for the insane battle of Armageddon, which Jews have planned for thousands of years.

If so few evil persons armed with money and an evil plan can accomplish so much destruction, one would think that the good people of the human race could band together to oppose them. Is there no collective will to survive among the human race as a whole? Are we so trapped by the inertia of our mundane habits that we cannot act in new ways to save our human race? Are we so easily divided and by our natures so opposed to each other that such a vile plan as Judaic Messianic prophecy can divide and overtake us and destroy our lives?

Indeed, human beings are banding together to oppose this evil which has infected America. It is a strange, unnerving and sickening experience to settle upon the reality that criminal Zionist Jews have converted America into a poisoned well of hatred, war and bigotry, just as they turned magnificent Germany into a force for evil. We had better cure ourselves of this sickness quickly, or the world will be forced to quietly quarantine us and then burn or bury us to keep the infection from spreading. Know that there are at this hour powerful persons and coalitions organizing to put an end to American aggression and hubris. We had better clean our own house, before others burn it down."