Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Biggest Story You Never Hear About, Turkey's Ergenekon: They Own Judges, They Assassinate Judges

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Doenmeh crypto-Jews of Turkey have a clandestine terrorist organization known as the "Ergenekon". This group assassinated Hrant Dink, an Armenian journalist who called for improved relations between Armenia and Turkey. In April of 2007, I reported that the Doenmeh in Turkey were planning a coup d'etat. A few months later, in June of 2007, the Turkish Government discovered that the Doenmeh were planning a coup d'etat, and began a series of prosecutions.

I attempted to alert the "Alternative Media" to this story, even before it was discovered by the Turkish Government, but the "Alternative Media" showed no interest in covering the story of the crypto-Jews of Turkey. In fact, the "Alternative Media" appeared to me to be sympathetic to crypto-Jews, because it is mostly composed of Jews and crypto-Jews.

Today, even CNN is reporting on the Doenmeh "Ergenekon", but still no interest in the story in the "Alternative Media". The Doenmeh in Turkey own judges, and murder judges whom they do not own:

Voice recording shows Ergenekon suspects will do anything to avoid trial

Neo-nationalist leader faces lawsuit for aiding Ergenekon

Turkish military denies link to illegal groups

Euro Parliament wants deeper probe into Ergenekon

'Deep State' Investigation Rocks Turkey

Another story I have been reporting about for years is the fact that many Arab leaders are crypto-Jews and yet others are allies of the Israelis. During the Israeli attack on Lebanon, I was reporting on the billionaire bankers who ran Lebanon and their treachery to the Arabs in favor of the Israelis. The "Alternative Media", including a prominent Arab, discouraged me from discussing these facts. Many in the "Alternative Media" are CIA, and or Mossad. Most are Jews, or crypto-Jews, including some of your favorites. It is amazing how gullible some who consider themselves "in the know" really are.